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Anti-Hate: LEON Redo

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Nothing is ever right

==Up Next.... Wait, what?== Before we go on to V3.... I want to point out that the Engloid V1s are bugging me... they're small, they were poorly created. I just want to redo those before we move on. Starting out with LEON

Previous Comments

I will be reusing the comments on the poster that was already created.  I just wish to reorganize and resize the text.  Also, I didn't format the image into PNG.  That was my first mistake and I would like to correct this.

  • He sounds just as crappy as an UTAU
  • He sounds like he has cotton in his mouth
  • LEON can't even pronounce basic words!
  • He doesn't deserve the title of first VOCALOID
  • He looks too plain!
  • Faceless VOCALOID
  • The first VOCALOID? Don't bother listening, his voice sucks (I might need to adjust this)
  • Japanese VOCALOIDs are so much better
  • I'm glad he's not popular, he doesn't deserve it
  • Len is a better blonde than LEON
  • British accent? Pft, yeah right...
  • LEON sounds like a girl!


  • The first VOCALOID is MEIKO!
  • The first VOCALOID is Miku!

DA Contributions

  • Who is Leon? An UTAU? - RoseXinh
  • Weakling abused by LOLA
  • He's so stupid
  • Only good for comedy - MissMeikaKuna
  • He looks so overconfident
  • YOHIOLOID 2.0 - Isabeladenicola
  • They deserved to get cancelled.
  • Doesn't deserve an update - LegolasGimli

Witnesses? Deadline

Alright. I know this is a step backward... but I just couldn't stand looking at the first three and how they're not looking as great in quality as the others. I think this is a fair way of doing it.

So what have you heard or seen about LEON? I will recredit those who participated the first time and credit new participants.

Deadline is May 2nd.

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