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Anti-Hate: Lily

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Too Lazy

To do the text.... sorry... tired.... ^^;

Suggestions closed

Okay?  No more comments please :)

Tonio's Link

What am I being put through?

Lily's Turn

So I'm aware that the Kio Lily is purchase only.

That's understandable.

But now I'm having trouble finding a Lily model I like.... help on this? :/

Common Negatives

"Lily is such a slut"

"Lily looks like a slut"  Okay, this is a no brainer.  One of the first things that Lily is bashed, is about her clothes and how "she looks like a slut"

"She's a mix of Luka and Rin" Design wise :I  Meh, she's blonde and has long hair... and?  

"GUMI is so much better!"  Why?  Just because they're the same company.  Wooooow

"Her clothes are so revealing!"

I feel like there might have been a comment about her and Miku... or something... hm.

DeviantART Contributions:

"SHE'S BLONDE, SHE MUST BE LEN! SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM!" Okay, the idea of being blonde = Len/Rin.  Could tweak this into "Rin and Len are better blondes" and "NO!  Rin and Len are the only blondes!" - ScarletDevilVocaloid

"Put your boobs away!"


"She sounds nasally"


"She needs to blow her nose before she sings"

"She looks like Rin, nothing special"

"The girl version of Len"

"Reminds me too much of Gakupo" HOW

"What a btich"

"Too tsundere"

"She thinks she's better than everyone"

"Just a high pitched Luka"

"Sounds like an UTAU"

"Ritsu sings so much better than her"

"At first I though she was going to be awesome, but then she started singing"

"Too difficult to use" - Image--Nation

"Muffled voice"

"Hard to tune"

"She gets in the way of my pairings!"

"Her voice is too deep"

"She doesn't really represent her voice provider"

"Her name isn't even Japanese" - MissMeikaKuna

"She needs more clothes"

"She's only famous for Lily Lily Burning Night" - LegolasGimli

"Her voice sounds terrible!"

"She looks too much like Neru!"

"Cover up!" - Aquakawwi

"Lily isn't a VOCALOID" *slaps that person* Hell yeah she is - Aimare


"Rin with long hair"

"Attention hog"

"Sounds awful"

"Demos sucked"

"Bad design"

"Not as good as GUMI and Rin"

"Stealing attention from Gakupo and GUMI"

"Not gonna buy her, she sucks so much"


So what have you seen or heard about Lily?  I'm sure there's more than what I added.


They're going to start getting wonky from here on out.  I'm going to start my senior project soon, so please don't expect this series to continue from after February break to April.  I'm going to end up taking a lot of breaks because of my film project that will be due the first week of April or something.

But... deadline for Lily will be February 14th/kokone's release date!

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