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Anti-Hate: Nekomura Iroha

Guess who's back today? =w=

Yeah.  I'll be making Iroha's poster today.  Stay tuned~


Data has been collected and suggestions are now closed

Ryuto's Link

Did I do something wrong? - I thought this title was somewhat fitting for his character.  He's 5 years old, he probably doesn't ENTIRELY understand why people dislike him nor do I think he would recognize it as unreasonable.

Up Next: Nekomura Iroha

Oh boy.  Here we go, one of the more favored of the AH-Software-loids (from what I'm saying anyways, I like her too XD)

I haven't really found a model of her yet, because I'm leaving soon.  But please recommend LEGAL and nonpurchasable models of Iroha. I would prefer the one that's on her boxart, but I do like seeing some LEGAL and nonpurchasable Kittyler models too (for other purposes ha ha)

Common Negatives

"Iroha sounds like Len" I've seen too many of this... really

"Why does she have a long pointless backstory?"

"VOCALOIDs shouldn't have backstories!" I've seen a few of these... so?  You don't have to go by the backstory, it's just an idea :U

"Her voice doesn't match her design" - Okay, I admit that I USED to think this, but I also think her voice is also fitting.  This usually happens if I hear her MORE OFTEN and then I think, "Yeah, her voice and design are like... perfect, no other design or voice will do"

DeviantART Contributions

"Sounds like a boy"

"Can't sing softly"

"Muffled and Flat on low notes"

"Cross between Mega Man and Hello Kitty"

"Why did she become a VOCALOID and not Rio?!" - MissMeikaKuna "When was there a titanium Hello Kitty" this actually sounds badass

"Deep voice and cute design?  That doesn't make sense!"

"What's with those amplifier arms?!" - LegolasGimli

"Most hideous design I've ever seen"

"Looks like Lily" WHAT

"Looks stupid"

"Another CHILD VOCALOID?" huh?

"Fanmade" NO

"Another squeaky female? I just got used to miki!" - Image--Nation

"Mega Man's and Hello Kitty's lovechild" - ScarletDevilVocaloid

"Just a Hello Kitty advertisement" - Aquakawwi


WIP/TBA maybe, depending if I get around to researching

Witnesses?  Deadline

What have you seen or head about Iroha?  I mean, not many came to mind for me.  She's a likable VOCALOID.

Deadline is MOST LIKELY March 7 or 8.  March 7 is my dad's birthday, please expect delays.

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