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Anti-Hate: OLIVER

Rion's Page

I don't understand why you're doing this!


Our little PowerFX boy's turn has arrived! I like [this model by the way]

Common Negatives

  • "English version of Len"
  • "English Shota"
  • "Shota"
  • "Len is better"

Brain fart

DA Contributions

  • "Muffled"
  • "Can't sing his own language!"
  • "Can hardly sing anything!"
  • "His voice is too soft!" - MissMeikaKuna
  • ""Ugly art style"
  • "Get away from Len-kun!"
  • "Piece of autotuned crap!"
  • "Why is his name in all caps?"
  • "Too creepy"
  • "We need more Miku updates" (Might cut this)
  • "His Japanese is horrible!"
  • "Dumb blonde"
  • "What's with the bird?"
  • "British accent is too thick"
  • "The hat only serves to cover his really bad bedhead." (Eh?)
  • "They should make only Japanese Vocaloids!"
  • "Shorty"
  • "He deserved to get his eye stabbed out."
  • "Overused sailor outfit" - graphpaper01
  • "Shota"
  • "He's good only in creepy songs"
  • "why another child vocaloid? "
  • "look's like Dio from Mad Father" (I don't think this is a negative thing though) - lilykwiat
  • "Looks older than his voice"
  • "Shota voice"
  • "Did someone smack his head?"
  • "Bandages?" - LegolasGimli
  • "Oliver Twist!"
  • "British-loid sucks"
  • "Can't pronounce "R""
  • "Too breathy!"
  • "Another stupid child VOCALOID"
  • "Stay away from Yuki!"
  • "Luka's little brother" - digorylarynith
  • "He should have been blind!"
  • "Len copycat"
  • "Ugly!"
  • "Should never have existed"
  • "Ugly avatar"
  • "Stay away from SONiKA" - CrystaltheCool
  • "Annoying!"
  • "Is that a boy or girl?" - 123Matsuri
  • "Weird name for a girl" - rikka-yomi


  • Sounds like Luka
  • Sounds like Miku

Witnesses? Deadline

What have you heard or seen about OLIVER? Deadline is June 20th most likely

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