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Anti-Hate: Ryuto

Suggestions Closed

Suggestions for Ryuto are now closed.

VY1's Link

You don't get me at all! The reason why I chose this title... it's because people don't seem to understand the concept of coming up with your own design for VY1 (and VY2 especially).  I tend to view VY1 in pink because of the hairpin and fan... which is why I chose a model that has pink in it (because I can't make my own anyways ;A; I tried.)

Ryuto's Turn!

Believe it or not, I like Ryuto.  I think he's pretty cute. 

By Aoi Tatsuike

Common Negatives

Here goes...

"He sounds so annoying!"

"Ew, what am I listening to?!"

"So unrealistic"

"ANOTHER child VOCALOID?  Are you kidding me?"

"His tooth... why?!"

"He sounds like a frog"

"He sounds like an UTAU"

"Stay away from Yuki!"

"He's too young to pair with anyone"

"He doesn't look good in any pairing!"

"I'm glad he didn't get V3'd, he doesn't deserve one"

"Always left behind in Internet Co?  Good!"

"They shouldn't have made this one"

"The worst Internet Co VOCALOID"

"This one is for children, not professionals!" (I beg to differ... some people might want to use his voice for something cute)

DeviantART Contributions

"He's the worst VOCALOID"

"His voice is not designed to sing!" *gasp*

"His design sucks!" - MissMeikaKuna

"A VOCALOID for children?  What's next?  Spongebob-loid?" - ScarletDevilVocaloid

"Gachapoid is too much like Gackpoid" ....... you mean their names? :I

"He's like Len without the shota"

"He doesn't sound good!"

"Probably has pedophiles for fans" - Aquakawwi

"A little ant"

"He's meant for little kids to love"

"Get your little hands off of Yuki!" - LegolasGimli

"Green Len detected"

"A pedophile's favorite boy" - Isabeladenicola


"Wanna-be shota!"


Witnesses?  Deadline...

What have you seen or heard about Ryuto (aka Gachapoid)?  And the deadline is MOST LIKELY February 28th

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