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Anti-Hate: SF-A2 miki


I woke up laaaaaaaaaaaaaate.  And I have no school today due to snowstorm.  Maybe I can get this thing done early~

SONiKA's Link

This can't be happening!

SF-A2 miki is up next!

One of the first 3 AH-loids.  I happen to like them as well.  First off of the status list would be SF-A2 miki

miki's Model

I'm looking at this model right now, but it seems they're updating her.... so I cannot get her :/

Other than that, I have no clue which ones I should use, especially if this one is not finished by next week.... so... help?

EDIT: I did get the model after asking for permission. :)  

Common Negatives

"What are those lines on her arms and legs?" More or less freaked out about this

"VOCALOIDs shouldn't look like an android!"

"miki?  Is she trying to steal Miku's name?"

"No V3?  How pathetic"

"She's not even getting updated LOL"

"What a joke!"

"Her new design is just nothing"

"She cries every time someone gets V3ed LOL" Refering to Miku V3 update (MIKUUUU HOT SAUCE!)

"Miku could have been miki, BURN" That Miku English talkloid "Well it could have been worse.  I could be miki!  Oh ho ho ho~!  Ooh burn!"

DeviantART Contributions

"Her hair is a Luka copy!"

"Sounds too much like Miku!"

"What is she, a robot?"

"AH-Software didn't even try on this one..."

"What does "SF-A2" even mean?!"

"Looks too much like Piko!" I find this funny, considering she came before him

"What is she even supposed to be?"

"Blue and Pink?  REALLY?"

"What's with her headphones?" May scrap this

"People only know she exists because of Samfree" Um... what's Samfree?

"Miku is better than miki"

"Cover up those hideous lines!" - Aquakawwi

"miki is GENERIC" 


"Unoriginal" - MissMeikakuna

Witnesses?  Deadline

I couldn't come up with many for miki.... I like her.  A lot. 

So, what have you guys seen or heard about SF-A2 miki?

Deadline - January 3rd, 2014

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