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Anti-Hate: SONiKA

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I will try to create the poster tonight when I get back to the hotel.  I usually get back around 6-9 PM.  Ohhhhh so much to doooooo~

Grey out the character, add the text, rearrange like I'm playing Tetris..... and then come up with title, submit, post next ad for next character.

or maybe the ad can wait til morning.  I may have a fresh brain tomorrow.

GUMI's Link

I didn't mean to...

SONiKA's Turn!

Off popular loids for a while now and back to an English VOCALOID :)

SONiKA's Model

Despite the fact that I LOVE LOVE LOVE SONiKA's Taiwanese art, I really do like this model~

Common Negatives

"She mumbles so much!"

"I can't understand what SONiKA is saying!"

"GUMI Rip Off"

"She is the worst English V2 ever..."

"The least known/popular English V2"

"She's the worst Zero-G VOCALOID"

DeviantART Contributions

- "Slut!"

- "Put some clothes on!"

- "May as well be shitty auto-tune!"

- "She sucks"


- "Her Twitter account is lame!"

- "Vocaloid family my ass"

- "Why do they even bother with EngLoids?"

- "Zero-G should stop making Vocaloids"

- "The only REAL Vocaloids are the Japenese ones."

- "Sounds like Luka's English but lamer!"

- "Her boxart isn't anime styled? Why should I even care about her?"

- "SONiKUh-Oh!" 

- "She's worth nothing!" 

- "She looks like a sluttier GUMI! She sounds like a sluttier GUMI!" She IS a sluttier GUMI!"

- "Young pop singer? Like those whores on the radio?"

- "She sounds like Ke$ha!"

- "Is she an UTAU?"- Aquakawwi (A fan of SONiKA, so they were really upset)

- "She sounds like a duck!"

- "She's only good for comedy songs!" - MissMeikaKuna

Witnesses?  Deadline

I always seem to see complaints about her mumbling..... and that she ripped off GUMI :I  What have you guys seen or heard?

Deadline is MOST LIKELY December 27th 

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