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Anti-Hate: Utatane Piko

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Already collected data.  Comments and suggestions are closed.

I will add it tomorrrow most likely.  I came home late and I am still very exhausted from yesterday.  Please be patient.

Iroha's Link

Am I not unique?

Up Next: Utatane Piko

This should be fun. Now there's not too many models that I like.... but I am rather fond of this one

Common Negatives

My brain is just mush right now.... but...

"SHOTAAAAAAA" This is just obvious. :/

"Len is better than Piko!"

"His eyes are WEIRD"

"His high pitched voice is SO GROSS" WELL DUH, that's not his recommended range! You're not hearing him at "his best" I guess

"Who's Piko? Never heard of him" Got overshadowed by other VOCALOIDs...

"He's fanmade, right?"

"Piko's an UTAU"

"Why is there a plug coming out his butt?" I SWEAR TO GOD I HEARD THIS. IT WASN'T EVEN A JOKING MANNER EITHER

"Too white"

DeviantART Contributions

"Such a shota"

"His name is from Boku no Pico" are they serious on this one?! :U

"A girl?" - MilkywayDawn

"Sounds like a girl"

"Can hardly sing low notes" From people who never hear him on low

"Lily's clone" .... soundwise?

"Too much like Len" - MissMeikaKuna

"He isn't even voiced by a male" - Pokski5

"A boy with a girly voice" - RoseXinh

"He copied miki's hair" - Aquakawwi

"That's a girl"

"He sounds like MEIKO"

"Robot" LegolasGimli


If I find any anyways

Witnesses? Deadlines

What have you seen or heard about Piko Utatane? He is kind of... well... a liked VOCALOID, so I don't see many varied comments

Anywho, now that I have some free time. I'm able to do these again. Deadline SHOULD BE April 18th, Good Friday~

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