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Anti-Hate: VY1

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Suggestions Closed!

The process of creating the poster starts now

Lily's Link

Are you serious?!

VY1's Turn

Back to "Faceless" VOCALOIDs.

I like this version... just need to find a DL link for it.  Also, I like that version of VY2 as well X'D

By elenipoo/TehPuroisen (because I'll forget model creator's names)

Common Negatives

"A fan for an avatar is stupid"

That's all I got for now OTL  I'm sorry...

DeviantART Contributions

"Her design doesn't fit VOCALOID" (her fanmade ones...)

"Her unofficial avatar is stupid" - LegolasGimli

"Sounds like Rin

"Hard to picture a singer when using her" - MissMeikaKuna

"She sounds like CUL"

"Yamaha was too lazy to design her" - Aquakawwi



Witnesses?  Deadline:

What have you heard about VY1?  I find this to be difficult because I don't really see any reason to hate a high quality vocal such as this one... :/  Except for the "lack of avatar"

Deadline:  I've got a free week~!  So suggestions close February 21st~

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