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Anti-Hate: Yuzuki Yukari

CUL's Page

I'm not okay with this!

Up Next! Yuzuki Yukari

Who else was released the same day as CUL? None other than Yuzuki Yukari, our cute purple bunny VOICEROID/VOCALOID from AHS.

For the model... I found quite a few good ones that I do like.

And before anyone asks, I'm not using Kio Yukari. Because it's a purchase only model. Lucky though, there are some good alternatives to the Kio Yukari. I really like Kuma's Yukari model. :)

Common Negatives

This is going to be a little difficult in coming up/fishing some comments for Yukari. I feel like she's relatively accepted and well-liked. I like her voice, that's for one thing. But something I noticed was that whenever a new VOCALOID comes up, they're sometimes compared to Yukari. And then there's the usual "generic" comment, whenever the new VOCALOID is compared to Yukari too.

  • "Generic" Of course, if this wasn't said, then tell me, then I won't use it.
  • "Too mature" Would this be one?
  • "Copied Miku Append" I miiiiiiight have seen this one somewhere. A bit fuzzy right now though.
  • "Who's Yukari?"

DA Contributions

  • "What have they done to Twilight Sparkle?!" ... are you serious?
  • "A VOCALOID for Bronies?" I'm really, really surprised... - CrystaltheCool
  • "Can't understand her"
  • "Sounds like everyone else"
  • "Choppy"
  • "Doesn't sound smooth"- Paradi-Len-Kagamine
  • "Too breathy"
  • "Can't hold a note"
  • "Sounds like a guy"
  • "Dress is too short!"
  • "Too much purple!" - MissMeikaKuna
  • "Too moe"
  • "Stole MAYU's plush!"
  • "What's with the hoodie?" - LegolasGimli
  • "IA wannabe"
  • "Luka wannabe"
  • "IA's twin"
  • "Rabbit VOCALOID?  REALLY?"
  • "Not another Animaloid..."
  • "Gakupo and Luka's love child?"
  • "Her voice is weird"
  • "I thought she was a VOICEROID?" - RoseXinh
  • "Sounds like Luka"
  • "Stay away from IA"
  • "Sounds like IA"
  • "Looks like Luka"
  • "Just another V3" (Might Cut)
  • "Gasai Yuno!"
  • "Doesn't look 18" - Lilykwiat
  • "Gakupo is the only purple VOCALOID!"
  • "Better off as a VOICEROID"
  • "Sounds like GUMI"
  • "GUMI wannabe"
  • "She stole GUMI's hairstyle" - digorylarynith



Witnesses? Deadline

What have you seen or heard about Yuzuki Yukari? As I said before, I can't really see Yukari be hated or anything... so I couldn't remember some or couldn't think of any that would be used against her?

The deadline MIGHT be July 11th? Give or take. Taking a week break.

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