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I'm not okay with this!

Up Next! Yuzuki Yukari

Who else was released the same day as CUL? None other than Yuzuki Yukari, our cute purple bunny VOICEROID/VOCALOID from AHS.

For the model... I found quite a few good ones that I do like.

And before anyone asks, I'm not using Kio Yukari. Because it's a purchase only model. Lucky though, there are some good alternatives to the Kio Yukari. I really like Kuma's Yukari model. :)

Common Negatives

This is going to be a little difficult in coming up/fishing some comments for Yukari. I feel like she's relatively accepted and well-liked. I like her voice, that's for one thing. But something I noticed was that whenever a new VOCALOID comes up, they're sometimes compared to Yukari. And then there's the usual "generic" comment, whenever the new VOCALOID is compared to Yukari too.

  • "Generic" Of course, if this wasn't said, then tell me, then I won't use it.
  • "Too mature" Would this be one?
  • "Copied Miku Append" I miiiiiiight have seen this one somewhere. A bit fuzzy right now though.
  • "Who's Yukari?"

DA Contributions

  • "What have they done to Twilight Sparkle?!" ... are you serious?
  • "A VOCALOID for Bronies?" I'm really, really surprised... - CrystaltheCool
  • "Can't understand her"
  • "Sounds like everyone else"
  • "Choppy"
  • "Doesn't sound smooth"- Paradi-Len-Kagamine
  • "Too breathy"
  • "Can't hold a note"
  • "Sounds like a guy"
  • "Dress is too short!"
  • "Too much purple!" - MissMeikaKuna
  • "Too moe"
  • "Stole MAYU's plush!"
  • "What's with the hoodie?" - LegolasGimli
  • "IA wannabe"
  • "Luka wannabe"
  • "IA's twin"
  • "Rabbit VOCALOID?  REALLY?"
  • "Not another Animaloid..."
  • "Gakupo and Luka's love child?"
  • "Her voice is weird"
  • "I thought she was a VOICEROID?" - RoseXinh
  • "Sounds like Luka"
  • "Stay away from IA"
  • "Sounds like IA"
  • "Looks like Luka"
  • "Just another V3" (Might Cut)
  • "Gasai Yuno!"
  • "Doesn't look 18" - Lilykwiat
  • "Gakupo is the only purple VOCALOID!"
  • "Better off as a VOICEROID"
  • "Sounds like GUMI"
  • "GUMI wannabe"
  • "She stole GUMI's hairstyle" - digorylarynith



Witnesses? Deadline

What have you seen or heard about Yuzuki Yukari? As I said before, I can't really see Yukari be hated or anything... so I couldn't remember some or couldn't think of any that would be used against her?

The deadline MIGHT be July 11th? Give or take. Taking a week break.

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