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Anti-Hate: galaco

Luo Tianyi's Link

I don't do it on purpose!


As time goes on, I find less and less hate comments and they're kind of leaning towards ignorance comments or denial comments (kanon = Neru, flower = genderless, etc). It's starting to become less of an anti-hate series, ha ha. But regardless, it's purpose is to raise awareness of VOCALOIDs and the true information.

Up Next

After Tianyi comes galaco.

Uh... I haven't found an original galaco models that I really like. Feel free to suggest them.

I might consider using galaco NEO's model... which would be the only time I ever use an upgrade model :/

Common Negatives

Prize and NEO comments are acceptable

  • "Flat!"
  • "She sounds so bored"
  • "Flat SeeU"
  • "Terrible design"
  • "Definitely the worst KEI design"
  • "galaco can't sing!"
  • "Muffled"



DA Contributions

  • "Bland voice"
  • "Sucks at everything but ballads"
  • "Failure"
  • "What a crappy prize!" - MissMeikaKuna
  • "YAMAHA should have shut her down!"
  • "Terrible hair"
  • "Sounds like a muffled IA"
  • "Lily should have killed her"
  • "Sounds like Lily"
  • "Unoriginal" - digorylarynith
  • "Get a more creative name and design!"
  • "What about LEON, LOLA and MIRIAM?! What should they care about galaco?!"
  • "galaco is illuminati!" ... just because of the triangle? ._. - CrystaltheCool
  • "Too much chaos"
  • "color crazy"
  • "Name's not creative" - LegolasGimli
  • "How come everyone started to care when she was being deactivated?!" - PKleafychan470
  • "No emotion in her voice"
  • "galaco wasn't worth bringing back"
  • "Why does anyone even want her?"
  • "Dull voice"
  • "Chaotic design"
  • "Voice and design don't match"
  • "Why does galaco have a crown when Miku is the princess?"
  • "Why does she have weird things under her eyes?"
  • "Space theme is uncreative"
  • "Miku sounds more real than galaco" - Image--Nation

Witnesses? Deadline

What have you seen or heard about galaco? Please, do NOT make up your own comments. It doesn't work that way. Otherwise, it would come off as outlandish and silly if it never happened. :/ Paraphrase if needed to (especially if the comment is really long) or cut down to the main points.

Deadline is most likely Friday, December 26th.

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