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Anti-Vocaloid Hate- Sweet ANN


You know the drill.  If you get your comment in by 5-6 PM, your comment just might make it~

The pose and darkening is already done.  All that's needed is the text now~

KAITO's Link

I'm not that different...

Sweet ANN is next!

So, we've calmed down with 2 of the Big 8 Vocaloids.... Sweet ANN kicks off the Vocaloid2 engine so, she's up next~  Then we'll be back with the Big 8 again :/

Sweet ANN's model

I personally like the Taiwanese model the best by Saboten (I like Saboten's model ^^; )

Common Negatives

Ahhh.... I don't know many negatives for Sweet ANN but here goes

- "Is she an UTAU?"

- "Her boxart is creepy!!!"

- "That's the first V2?  Miku should have got this title!"

- "She sounds like Len" I believe Angel found a comment like this and I just remembered it!

DeviantART Contributions (because I'll forget like last time ;A;)

- 'Maryln Monroe is a demon o.o" (Suggested by LunaHollow)

- "She sounds hideous!"

- "Sweet?  More like ear-grating!"

- "Who the hell is she?!"

- "Vocaloid should be Japanese!" (AquaKawwi)

-  "She's a copy of Luka" (Isabeladenicola)

My list was pathetic and deadline

So..... help?

Deadline is November 1st until further notice

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