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Anti-hate: Len

Deadline Reached

Today is November 22nd.  This is the deadline~  You can get your comments in by 4 PM.  Yes, FOUR PM.  That is the time when I'm settle at home.  I may have homework to do, but the poster will be done. Around 5-6 PM

Kagamine Rin's Link

None of it is true!

Kagamine Len's Next!

Rin poster already got comments after I posted it O_O  Wonder how many Len fangirls will notice and call me a bitch for making these.

Len Model

Same modeler as Rin's~  By Keihen508

Common Negatives

- "Rin x Len is GROSS" as usual =3=

- "Should have been just Rin" Doing the same in the Rin poster, except opposite

- "ACT 2/Append doesn't make him sound better!"

- "He's nothing but KAITO and Gakupo's toy" UM.  WHAT.

DevaintART Contributions

- "He's a fucking shota!"  *cough* excuse the F-bomb there.

- "His gayness stole KAITO from Miku" It's always KAITO x Miku, have you noticed that? =-=* (Is KaiMei shipper, does not like KaiMiku, but keeps quiet about it unless people try to push it canon)

- "He died.... again..."  May need to tweak this.  Make it sound more like a bad thing.  - Isabeladenicola

- "Stupid shota"

- "Rin x Len is INCEST"

- "He's the reason why there's so many rabid fangirls!" - Aquakawwi

- "Rin is better than Len!"

- "He sounds like an UTAU" - Lilypad19

Hate Stamp Logic

After looking through Anti-Len stamps because lack of ideas....

"He is the stupid little shota-sex-toy for people of the VOCALOID fandom." ...... um... okay?  I will shorten that to "Stupid shota sex toy".... but that might be a bit much?

- "Len x Miku is stupid/sucks" I forgot how much people hate this pairing (I ship this)

REALLY Need Help

I couldn't really think of much for Len TBH ;n;

Please add to this!

Deadline is November 22

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