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Anti-hate: Miku


So get your last minute comments in by 5-6 PM (depending on homework, which I doubt I would get a lot) today.

Nothing new has been added in the deviantART section... so I'd have to go by whatever was listed on this blog and the comments.  Any new things would be nice.

Sweet ANN's Link

It's not fair...

Here comes Hatsune Miku...

Back to Big 8 Vocaloids... and this one... will definitely be big.

The "Vocaloid Diva", Hatsune Miku, 7th Vocaloid and 2nd V2 overall, is up next.  This shouldn't be that hard, considering how there's always, always, an Anti-Miku group out there with strong opinions against her.

I'm afraid of the comments I'll get for it.... ;A;  May be a weaboo magnet, but it must be done! 

Miku Model

I'm actually found of Mamama's Miku model: (Middle obviously)

No, I am not doing Append or V3 Miku model... since I'd be stuck with TDA (I'm not too fond of it... too sparkly) and there's no V3 Miku I actually like... and the one I like hasn't been done yet, nor do I know if they're going to put it up for download

Common Negatives

As an EX-Miku hater.... no, actually, I never was.  I just hated the fans who treat her as queen and that is the beginning of my Anti-weabooness.  But, during this stage, I have seen:

- "I hate her!  She gets all the attention!"  One of the biggest reason why people hate her... If their favorite Vocaloid happens to be unpopular, who do they blame for that?  The popular Vocaloids...

- "STAY AWAY FROM LEN" Ugh, I see this a lot with Len/Miku songs.  It's. Just. Ridiculous. *ships Len/Miku myself*

- "SHE TOOK KAITO FROM MEIKO" I am ashamed to call myself a KaiMei fan because I have to share the pairing with people like this.  I personally despise KaiMiku.... but do I rub that in people's faces 24/7 and bash the pairing?  NO.  I will keep it to myself unless it's a discussion about pairings or "What pairings don't you like?" or something.  I don't purposely go to a KaiMiku art/video/whatever and say how much the pair sucks.  People shouldn't do that anyways, they should keep it to themselves, unless it's absolutely necessary to talk about it.

- "My ears bleed when I listen to her!"  Mostly describing her "chipmunk voice".  I wouldn't call it "chipmunk", but it is higher pitched.  But seriously. =3=

- "Her append design is so SLUTTY"  I happen to like this suit depending on how people draw her. :/  I mean, it doesn't have to be exactly to the letter, but insanely larger boobs, or even more exposed then the original boxart is kind of.... mer.... 

- "Rin is so much better" Anti-Miku, Pro-Rin

- "Pigtails are overrated!"  Yeeeeah.  Okay.

- "If Miku's design wasn't so overused, we wouldn't have Miku Formula problems!"  I'm a bit skeptical about this one.... it isn't necessarily her fault for this, it would be the fans who constantly base their OCs/UTAUs on her design.  May or may not add this comment, or may need tweaking

- "Meiko should beat her up!" I am so against this... I can't even...

- "Green is the enemy!" Again, anti-Miku, pro-Rin... :/  

- "Other Vocaloids never get a chance because of her!" Attention hog reason again...

- "She's too young for Kaito and Gakupo!"  OKAY, I ship GakuMiku and I don't give a SHIT. I like the way they sound since he's way lower than her, but for some reason I don't like KaiMiku, sounds too close for me... oh well.  But Kaito and Gakupo have no given age... so :P  

- "Her voice is annoying!" Well, you don't have to listen to her then.  Find another cover or something!  

- "Vocaloid should not have come to America" I used this on Sweet ANN since it was suggested a few times.  But it's also important for Miku since she just recently got her English bank... and since she's iconic, people who only know her, but hate her English will say this against her.

- "English = ENGRISH" May have to tweak this, but you get the idea.

DeviantART Contributions

Nothing new

Additions?  And Deadline

I feel like I'm missing a shit ton for Miku, but I got the basics down, I think.... Aggggh I don't remember all of it, hmm....

Again, Miku's page may be a big one... so... yeah.... ;A;

Deadline will be November 8

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