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Anti-hate: Rin


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Hatsune Miku's Link

You think I wanted this?

Kagamine Rin's Next

Oh dear.. another Big 8 loid.... I am separating Rin and Len for the project since the two would take up a bit of space :/

You are allowed to repeat certain comments like "Rin X Len is disgusting" since it applies to both of them and I can repeat it for both Rin and Len's posters.

Again, this poster may draw some weaboos into this... I'm afraid of the comments like "OMG Y PEOPLE HATE RIN-CHAN/LEN-KUN THOSE BITCHUS BETTER STAP HATIN RIN-CHAN/LEN-KUN THEYRE SO KAWAII DESU"

I kind of doubt that would happen the first time around, but.... um... Rin/Len fans are just.... sensitive to these sort of things I guess.... whatever. ^^;

Rin Model

This was difficult.... I didn't like a lot of the Rin and Len models.... so I'm sticking with the ones I have now by Keihen508

No append models of course.  Maybe as well keep this consistent by using originals (oh ho, wait til I get to the VYs)

Common Negatives

Again, thinking from the top of my head, might miss a few.

- "SHE KILLED LEN" Mostly Daughter of Evil viewers on this. =3=

- "She's spoiled" again, mostly referencing DoE... but can apply to other songs

- "Rin x Len is gross!" / "Rin x Len is wrong!" well, that depends on how you view them... still pairing bashers... =-=

- "Miku-wannabe" I've seen this before.... somewhere

- "She tries to steal Miku's fans!" Seen this sonewhere..... Don't remember when

- "She sounds too much like Miku!" Um...don't know if I should include this or not

- "Len is cuter!  He should have been released on his own instead of her!"  May need to tweak and shorten this

- "Trying to steal Miku's outfit!" Well, they're from the same series, nitwit =3=

- "Finally!  Someone killed that bitch!"  One of those videos where Rin was killed... :/  Again, usually fans who only know of DoE/SoE

- "Flat chested!" blah blah blah, she's 14 get over it...

- "ACT2 or not, she still sucks" saw it somewhere, don't remember when.  Can also apply to Len

DeviantART Contributions

- "Too squeaky" 

- "Too moe" - Isabeladenicola

- "Len is way better"


- "Whiny bitch"

- "So vain!"

- "What's with that stupid ribbon?" Er.... may discard :I

- "Her append and ACT2 doesn't make her sound better" - AquaKawwi


- "I HATE RIN BECAUSE SHE WEARS SHORTS" Well then =3= - Ba1223

Additions?  And Deadline

AAAAAND I can't think of anymore....  Can't think right off the bat.  Help?

Deadline - November 15th, 2013

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