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Anti Hate: Camui Gackpo/Kamui Gakupo

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Why do you say this?

Camui Gackpo/Kamui Gakupo's turn!

Skipping Rin and Len ACT2..... We now go to Gackpo!

I know that "Kamui Gakupo" isn't his name anymore.... but I'm pretty sure a lot of poeple don't know that....

We're also back to a Big 8

Gackpo's Model  The one by YM~

Common Negatives

I might not know many.... so here goes anyways

- "He looks like a lady!" LOL I thought he was a girl at first then I saw his face.  Instead, he's a handsome man X3

- "A samurai for a VOCALOID is STUPID" I think I saw this before....

- "Pervert!" ahhhhhh that common personality trait....

- "Pedophie!"

- "He wants all the girls just for sex!"  Venomania influenced... :/

- "GUMI should have been the first Internet Co!"  ..... ooookay?

- "Gakupo?  Don't bother listening... his voice is boring"  Huh?!

- "He's the gayest of all the Vocaloids"  Whaaaat?

- "Is he a samurai?  An android?  Or what?!"  I'm assuming it's that blue suit he's wearing underneath that they're confused about?

- "He sounds scary!"  Pleeeease stop with the stupidity... he sounds awesomely deep man!

- "That's a man?"

- "Girly lips"  His boxart....

DeviantART Contributions

- "Purple is for girls!"

- "Gakupo is transexual" Whoa!  I never heard that one!  - Isabeladenicola

- "Gay!"

- "Pervert"

- "Is that a girl?"

- "He had sex with a horse!"

- "Too deep!" - Aquakawwi

Help! And Deadline

Obviously, I didn't put enough... and it needs more varied comments.... what have you guys seen or heard of for Gackpo?

Deadline is December 6th

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