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Anti Hate: Megurine Luka

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Please... stop saying this...

Megurine Luka's Turn!

Ahhhhh the first bilingual VOCALOID.... wonder what she got?  Getting close to the end of the big 8....

Luka's Model

Montecore Luka - (Center)

Common Negatives

- "Luka's only popular because she's Crypton"

- "Her English isn't that great"

- "Engrish"

- "Keep away from KAITO!"

- "She stole KAITO from Miku!" *cough* Referencing ACUTE.  

- "She's a pedo for Len"

- "Her boobs are too big!"

- "She's always jealous of everyone else"

- "She killed Miku!"  Scissoroid reference

- "I'm glad Miku killed her... she deserved it" Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance reference.  Fans seem to think it's related to Scissoroid =3=

- "Tunas are gross!"

DeviantART Contributions

- "She's a friggin slut!"

- "She only likes sex"

- "Stupid sexualized VOCALOID" - Isabeladenicola

- "She dresses and dances like a slut"

- "Her and MEIKO are the number 1 prostitutes"  WHOA, WHOA, WHAT?!  >:U  I have never heard this, and that's just..... why?

- "Whore" Hmmm..... tbh I don't really notice people calling Luka a slut/whore....

- "Stop trying to show up GUMI!" - Lemonchollytail

- "Stupid slut"

- "Her voice is a rip off of MEIKO's"  What..... they don't sound anything alike!

- "She's the reason why we have so many pervy fans!"

- "Her design is not even based off a school uniform!" Following Miku, Rin, Len pattern eh? .3.

- "Her English sounds too Japanese"

- "She doesn't even deserve an Append or a V3!"

- "Pink hair is ugly!"

- "Lesbian!"

- "Bubble boobs"

- "Her Project Diva Outfits are so slutty!" I beg to differ on PD F though... =3=

- "Miku Ripoff!" What?  They're from the same series!

- "She killed Miku, Rin, KAITO and MEIKO!" Tailor ship reference - Aquakawwi

Help!  And Deadline

Probably needs more....

Deadline is December 13th

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