That there's been more and more fanart of this fandesigned "VOCALOID" for Chile?



Like I think she's a cool design and all.... but people are already calling her a VOCALOID rather than a fanloid.  Hell, she's even showing up in the VOCALOID groups on DeviantART.  

Don't get me wrong.  She's pretty.  She's even based on a flower.  I would think it would be cool if she was an official VOCALOID.  But she's not.  I'm just getting really really annoyed that this one is getting a lot of attention for something she's not.

While we have like some VOCALOIDs who have less attention (probably.  Just a prediction, not actual fact).

Yeah, cool.  You win a contest that doesn't really do anything.  It wasn't like an official VOCALOID contest.  As mean as it sounds, I was hoping this one's attention would die down at this point.  I didn't think she was last this long (about a little more than a month).

I wouldn't mind it as much if she were an UTAU.  But she's just a fanmade "VOCALOID" design for now.

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