Still investigating what happened to VOCALOID CHINA.  Turns out there's an interview in Mandarin on PPTV explaining what happened.

Basically they're not under YAMAHA anymore and feel like they can make their VOCALOIDs themselves and don't need YAMAHA to do it or something like that.  

But that ^  Was what my dad translated.  I need a few other people to clarify and confirm this.  Also, I noticed there's another video promoting Vocanese.  Still can't read what it says, BUT it involves Tianyi, YANHE and SeeU!

I may as well tell you guys who I go to for translating Mandarin Chinese...

  • Dad - He's the easiest to reach, yes.  He lives with me after all.  But there's a drawback.  While he knows fluent Mandarin and Cantonese, his English isn't so great, so he tends to word things rather oddly.  Also, if I'm trying to translate an article, especially a long ass article that requires a bunch of scrolling, he'll refuse to read it.  Might be because he's dyslexic... he kind of hates reading things for me (or in general really).  Also because he's getting old.  No patience, and hard time seeing screen
  • Uncle - Fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and at times, English.  His English is somewhat better than dad's and is more understandable.  Drawback?  He's often at work and I can't always contact him.  
  • Twins: David and Kevin - Fluent in Mandarin.  Drawbacks: Extreme broken English, as they were raised in China for 7 years then moved to the USA.  They have as much experience with English yet... but then again, Dad came here when he was 13...  Also, they can't really read much Chinese.  Better off translating an interview via audio
  • Childhood friend: Andrew - Known this guy since Kindergarten.  He is very interested in learning other languages.  He's fluent in English and French.  His Spanish is pretty good, he knows a litle bit of Catalan.  He's honing his German skills.  He's learning Mandarin and a little Cantonese.  Doesn't know much Japanese, but enough to be able to translate a few articles.  He can translate the characters in Chinese fine most of the time... audio-wise he needs more work.  I mainly ask him to translate other languages other than Chinese, but he's a last resort
  • Internet Friend: Ren - I just thought of her now.  I forgot I friended her on Facebook.  I met her through a group roleplay on Chatzy and she noticed that I added Longya's Chinese character name with the Pinyin/Romanized.  She asked if I was Chinese myself and I said yes... basically she found out that I am very Americanized and don't know any Chinese, though realized that I am supposed to know Cantonese (she seemed disappointed probably because she speaks Mandarin). I found out she moved from China to Canada for college.  Maybe I can ask her to translate this then, if she wants to.

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