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Feel Special why don't ya?

So.... Angel and I traded some Pokemon

And I was reconsidering recapturing a Scatterbug to get Polar Vivillon.

But then I'm like.... but I have a Purple Vivillon... the Elegant pattern.  It's from Japan.

And I don't care if she caught it or not.  I am keeping the Vivillon

And even though I can't nickname it

I am call her "Angel"

..... and I also think the Elegant patterned Vivillon is very pretty ;w;

It's purple


Like my hair

..... and I was also being a creepy stalker and looked at Angel's Pokemon Profile and it said her favorite color is purple

Yep.  I am keeping this purple Vivillon that I cannot rename whose origins was Japan and calling her "Angel" even though the game will not allow me to. :D

And what reminds me of Serza?  Milotic.  Because Wallace.  Enough said~!

And Momo has a cute little monkey creature on her icon.  So I will capture an Aipom.  Because Aipom is cute.

I need to think of more to name after people here.  Because the people of the VOCALOID wiki are quite special. ;w;

..... except Umbreon.  Umbreon can stay Umbreon =w= (I haz an Umbreon :D of course, because I love Eeveelutions so much <3 )

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