So, I was discussing about what to do with my schedule for next quarter because I never picked my own classes before :/ And I found out which foreign language classes my college has. There's two.


and Japanese

I had Spanish class for like 5 years. I know survivor words and such and can make out what people say. I also can write it and speak it (not fluently lol)... basically, enough to get by

I was thinking of giving Japanese a try.

I was trying to come up why it would be practical for me so here goes:

  • Ultimately, I have always wanted to learn Mandarin Chinese. Or, at least be able to read it too. And I found out like... last year or two years ago that some of the characters for Chinese are the same in Japanese. Such as the characters for "Star" or "sound". And I think if I can figure out some stuff in Japanese, there would be some nice cognates for Chinese too! :D
  • As mentioned before, I took Spanish. I came to realize that some of the sounds are the same in Japanese and I thought it was really cool. Sometimes, when I try to sing along with Japanese songs, I had an easier time to pronounce them compared to Mandarin. I found that some Spanish sounds sound the same as Japanese. So that would be interesting. It would improve pronunciation in both for me, I guess
  • I can practice reading Japanese via VOCALOID news? I mean, at least I would find some use for the language class I guess? More VOCALOID involvement, I guess is what I'm trying to say
  • My career field will be Video game design and simulation. This can be really useful in a sense
  • Being able to speak different languages has its benefits =w=
  • Learn more about the culture. I'm always interested in cultures.

And I guess that's all the reasons I have. I'm not the type to watch anime, so I won't need it to watch it. And I think that "I wanna learn Japanese to understand anime and not look at subs" is such a... cheesy reason. Even more so, if that's the ONLY reason why people want to learn the language. Same for reading manga. I love manga, but I don't mind reading it in English :/ But in a sense, if I'm more comfortable with reading manga than watching anime, then I guess reading manga is good to PRACTICE reading Japanese. I think that's the only time I'll ever read manga in Japanese though. Learning experience, heh heh.

So what do you think? Should I just stick with Spanish or should I try Japanese? What can you suggest for practicing or which of my reasons do you think is flawed?

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