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I am in need of help with finding MMD models of English capable VOCALOIDs.  I need them for my submission for the "V1 Engloids Appreciation" month.

Here's a list of what I have and what I need to find.  You can suggest a model (please write who created it) but DO NOT add a download link.  I'm usually able to find it myself if you write the model's creater.  Also, do not suggest models that is supposed to be purchased.

LEON by TotodileDash -

LOLA by AwesomePal -

MIRIAM by  P-Chan93 and kiri69 -

Sweet Ann (Taiwan) by Saboten -

Prima by Charuko -

Megurine Luka by Kio and Myth-P -

SONiKA by P-Chan93 -

Big AL by Orange -

Tonio by P-Chan93 -

OLIVER - pikadude31451

AVANNA - Pikadude31451/zg-v1

KAITO V3 - hzeo

GUMI English - megpoid625

Hatsune Miku V3 by Adan-official (I count English as V3 design in a way...) -

YOHIOloid - pokeluver223

Macne Nana -

MEIKO V3 - Masisi 

Thank you very much!

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