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I need some help

So my battle box on Pokemon X is all set >:D

It's full of lvl 100s, not that it really matters as battles usually set at lvl 50 anyways =3=

Anywho.... it has

  • Ivy - Female Venusaur
  • LaGlace - Female Lapras
  • Loki - Male Lucario
  • Hyosuke - Male Greninja
  • Kazemasa - Male Talonflame
  • Link - Male Meowstic

Currently training:

  • Wendy - Female Furfrou
  • Azula - Female Azumarill
  • Kitty - Female Butterfree
  • Solana - Female Plusle
  • Quacklin' - Male Farfetch'd
  • Sohma - Male Combuskin (Will be a Blazikin)

So the help part...


How does one catch a shiny Pokemon? I've only caught one in my lifetime... which was a Poochyena in Sapphire and I've seen a shiny Wurmple in Sapphire

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