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Just a repost of a previous blog. .3.

From each album that actually has a video posted on YouTube or of the such...  I wasn't able to find the lyrics for it :/ 

I feel like album songs are pretty important, it's why I do a lot of them for song pages... ^^;

I'd love to get cracking on these songs, but as I said.... I can't find the Chinese lyrics for them =3=

Zhòng Lì Huàn Xiǎng Qū (重力幻想曲)

None at the moment

The Stage 2

This album is still new... I don't expect songs on YouTube quickly yet .3.  If they show up.... then.... :I  I'm not very observant. 

Yì xiāng (忆香)


I don't even have an iPad, first of all... and the only song that I've found was...:

Hall of Fame Songs

Um.... I don't know which songs would be considered as "Hall of Fame" since it has to be on Nico.... .3.  Kinda makes things more difficult....

And I don't go on Nico much either...

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