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Overall done

EDIT:  Now The Stage 2 is released.... it will take a while for the songs to pop up on YouTube/Bilibili... but those are definitely going to be here.

I'm pretty much done with Tianyi's and Yan He's major songs.  I'm only missing the ones from DanceDanceDance (I'm going to do these next) and 2 from SingSingSing and another 2 from The Stage 1 since they weren't in videos

Other songs I'm considering:

  • 28 years old - Tianyi
  • The Cloud River - Yan He
  • Consumed Heart - Tianyi
  • Puppet Master Finest Creation - Tianyi and Yan He
  • The Past is Like a Dream - Tianyi
  • My Friends - KAITO, Len, and Tianyi
  • Detective's Handbook - Tianyi

Any others that you feel are important?  As I said, I got the albums pretty much down.... I'd love to do the really well known ones or whichever hit the hall of fame (hasn't happened yet :/ ).... 

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