So.... I'm changing my major for college. It took a lot of my courage to tell my mother and unfortunately, the reaction she gave me was the one I expected: bitter, scolding me for wasting her time and money.

.... but she's going along with it I suppose. I just need to talk to the staff now.

And the thing I want to get into is journalism. I kind of want to be an editor now. And I have this wiki to thank for it.

Thanks for giving me the practice with articles, grammar, knowing differences between Brtish English and American English, researching, writing my feelings and thoughts out, and of course... making really great and supportive friends on here. ^ ^

I don't really express this enough because I tend to be bitter, negative or just rude. But thanks. I enjoy being around people here, whether they're still here or left a while ago. Just thanks and... well... it's weird to say I love you guys because I suppose I don't really know many people here on a personal level. So I suppose I could just say, I enjoy your company.

Edit: I forgot to write a bit more, because I was in a hurry and was on my way to leave for school

The reason why my mother was very, very bitter about this was because the school I'm at now, is VERY expensive. Like, it really took a bite out of the family wallet. X_X So, I really do need to talk to staff about what would happen financially and if I'm going to get even a bit of money back, transcripts, etc.

I would also have to wait a year because the registrations for the other schools in this state are over... so I'm hoping while I'm waiting, I could get a job at Target for retail experience. ;w;

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