This is going to sound really and possibly extremely obnoxious...

But I'm really really annoyed with people going to a song.... or a song page.... or even artwork... and say

"I know that "A" is with "B" here, but I like "A" x "C" ".

...... um so what?

Are you going to talk about the art at all or the song?  Or the song page?

You're just throwing your OTP out there without talking about what's portrayed really

Like I went to a Kiyoteru x MEIKO picture.  I do like KiyoMei.

I go, "Oh my gosh!  This is so cute! ^ ^  Typically I like KaiMei, but I think you make me like KiyoMei even more!  They're so visually perfect for each other" and maybe I'll talk about the art a little more

Like... it's okay to mention your OTP and give some sort of nice comment towards the video or song page or song or picture or whatever.  

Obviously going, "This sucks, "D" x "E" is better!" is not okay.  But at the same time, I feel like "I like "A" x "B" even though this is "B" x "F"".... and then there's people going "I like "S" x "Z"" when it has nothing to do with pairing "L" x "J".  You know?  I feel like it's kind of.... rude?  Especially when it doesn't contribute to anything, but just to express an OTP. :U

And besides, if you don't like the pairing, but you do like the art you could always go

"I normally don't ship this/I normally ship this character with another, but this image is so awesome!  I love the color that's going on here!  Please keep up the good work"  Or something like that.  It's contributing :|

Or of course, if the pairing bothers you that much, don't bother commenting :U  Because taking it out on the. video/art/story/whatever is just.... stupid.  Hell, even I don't even do that to KaiMiku stuff.  There are some cases when I do like KaiMiku stuff like the example above.

I just don't like the idea of throwing an OTP out there when it doesn't contribute or help with criticism or is just plain mean.

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