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Two Battles today

As posted before, I had a battle with Angel ^ ^

I also had a battle with Serza today X3  I was trying to scoop ice cream at the same time.

I still lost, but that's okay.  The point is to have fun, hee~ >w<

She knocked out most of my Pokemon with her Leavanny X3 I was so cornered.  My Talonflame was knocked out earlier... my Lapras and Venusaur were too weak (Lapras has two ice type moves and Venusaur has a Poison type move... I'm not sure if it works on a half bug type though .3. )

All I had left were a weak Lucario, a Meowstic (weak to bug types) and a Greninja (weak to both grass and bug)

Whoops! X'D

I have no problem losing to someone I kind of know.  I did try an online battle once on White version.... I won once... then lost battles afterwards and I got really intimidated and stopped battling online.  I'm just not comfortable with that ^^; Especially since I always had a hard time training my Pokemon in the past generations.

But seriously

Me: "Ooh!  Leavanny! .... wait... shit, Kazemasa's out!" X'D

> Talonflame - Totes out

> Greninja - Weak double time

> Meowstic - Weak to bug moves

> Lucario - No moves that has advantage, was weak too

> Lapras - Weakened

> Venusaur - Weakened

Welp, learned a lesson at least :D

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