There's a woodpecker that likes to peck into the side of our house in the morning. This never really happened before and he's been doing this for like a week or less.

I don't have a problem with him at all, but my parent's are getting pissy because it just so happens he's targeting THEIR room.

Obviously, my parents don't want him around. But I feel bad for him. I told them to hang something shiny so it scares him away rather than doing anything else.

Like, there's only a few reasons why they would peck a house. Either for mating, eating bugs or thinking it's a nice home. And considering how my parents saw TWO woodpeckers, then it's safe to say that they're only here for mating purposes.

However, if they stay longer, well.... I don't know. I'm hoping they build a nest in a TREE rather on the side of our house, lol. If they like our house that much, we should get a birdhouse just for them then. I don't really want to scare them away, especially if the issue wasn't the other two, and it's the BUG issue. Blech, I'd rather them eat the bugs than run away.

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