So, I've been talking to two members of VO and both of them know Chinese, so they can read and understand it. They also live on the other side of the world from me, so they have a better understanding of what's popular over there and whatnot

This is about Ling and Lorra's voice provider contest, which you can hear and vote for the clips on their official webpage.

Now about the contest, there are number of providers in the contest who are well known and popular over on the Eastern side. So popular, that they are getting unfair votes and the others are not standing a chance. And of course, these votes are not going unnoticed as in just one hour, one of them had over 1,000 of votes and got ahead of another provider. The one getting all these votes noticed this and she was also disappointed and upset about it as she believes that everyone should have a fair chance and if she won, she wants to win fairly and only if people truly liked her sample, not because everyone knows who she is. :/ So of course, when this was pointed out, the votes were recalculated. But this won't last forever as fans are willing to do it again anyways. :/

What one of the VO members said was around, "Maybe if they didn't show the names, this contest would have been done fairly."

And I agree with that statement. If SHN never revealed the names of the providers, or at least, when the samples were finished, all 6 contestants probably would have had a fair shot.

Let's face it, some of them don't sound the same before and after being recorded. Like, do you recall some of the providers sounding high and pitchy in their audition? I don't lol

Would this be worth mentioning on Ling and Lorra's pages or something once this contest blows over? I'm not sure if this would be considered "controversy" (note, I don't even know what that word means... vocab level is low). But whatever, I figure it might be useful to point this out in a blog...

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