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March 6, 2013
  • I live in Suisse
  • I was born on May 29
  • I am fille
  • Moin' Zusume

    Angela Natale owo

    April 27, 2013 by Moin' Zusume

    Heeey guys ~

    Let's talk about my original character Angela Natale ...

    So, I've created her since June 2012 and she's still unpopular and 'ignored' by lots of people ;W;' She really needs more love .... ;w;

    ☆ Angela Natale ~

    ☆ Other names : アンジェラ ナタレ 

    ☆ Gender : Female

    ☆ Country : Switzerland

    ☆ Species : a 'christmas' angel who works for Santa Claus

    ☆Age : Unknown 

    ☆ Hair colour : Blonde

    ☆ Eye colour : turquoise

    ☆ Main item : Biberli (= swiss food )

    ☆ Pet : a pink fairy called Plume 

    ☆ + informations : Angela Natale is cheerful, pure, and very encouraging with pure people. She's also very sensitive. She rarely shows her wings ; she rather shows them when she's singing. From the legends, she works for Santa Claus and also loves to bring presents to nice …

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  • Moin' Zusume

    Meeh .. QwQ

    April 20, 2013 by Moin' Zusume

    Hey guys ... This is my first blog entry on here , hehe ... I've also gota blog in French and a 'blog' in deviantART . ^-^ I'm so bored and nobody wants to talk with me at this moment ... ;w; *forever alone *

    Well ...... anyway ...... =w=

    I don't really know what to post today .... Sorry ... ^^'

    I think the next time I'll post more interesting things .... mmm =w=

    Have a nice day =w=/

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