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Pleasant Garden Mindstrain: Miki's First Day

"This place is a lot different from home. Where am I even going?"

Miki hastily steps from the bus onto the sidewalk. She's a strange sight, indeed. As if having bright red with a huge, springy cowlick wasn't eye-catching enough, she sports a tan and umber flight jacket bearing a navy-colored wool collar and hood, cobalt electric lines and a shiny blue star over her right breast. This jacket belonged to her grandfather. It also carries two identical U.S. Air Force insignias on each of the arms, commemorating Miki's grandfather's service in the Air Force. He gave Miki this jacket on her 13th birthday. She has since then accessorized it; she etched her name into the jacket and adorned the coat with silver, gleaming stars. She glances around for some sort of sign to guide her way, as she makes her strange, yet enticing journey into the urban jungle.

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