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  • NasuHime


    January 20, 2013 by NasuHime

    I just made an account on Funimation's website, just so I could watch Shiki...Seriously man! That anime is fricking addicting! Its sad from both viewpoints, and pretty damn creepy. But more sad then creepy. Although, there are a 2 things that drive me nuts. Everyone's pupils look disturbing and I am fighting off the urge to take a brush to everyone's hair. Natsuno, Toru, Sunako...etc. I'm only on episode 5 and I'm hooked. I kinda spoiled some things for myself though...I looked it up on Wikipedia and I kinda know what happens to Natsuno...I'm addicted to the opening song too...Kuchizuke

    Anyways. If anyone's looking for a good supernatural horror, I recommend it. Word of warning though, it gets pretty sad.

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  • NasuHime

    I'm so disgusted right now. I want to punch something. The tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary is practically being pissed on. I need to rant and rage about what I just found out before I hurt someone.

    I'm going to be straightforward about this, no beating around the bush. Westboro "Baptist Church" have decided to picket the funerals of the victims who died in the Newtown CT shooting. They said that God sent the shooter. If you're not familiar with the heathens, here's their wikipedia page:

    Their so evil the KKK doesn't want anything to do with them.

    These people are absolutely terrible. They have messed with my home. I live in a small town in Kansas, and Westboro is only an hour or two aw…

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  • NasuHime

    Ok, first thing. I've decided that I am going re-watch one of my most favorite animes of all time: Chrono Crusade (or Chrno Crusade, depends on how you see it.) Its a heartbreaker. It made me cry, and I will most likely cry again once I get to the end :'D. If any of you have watched this anime, you'll know what I'm talking about. Just....ALL THE FEELS I GET FROM WATCHING IT T.T. After that, I'll probably re-watch Angel Beats. ANOTHER HEARTBREAKER. l

    Anyway, if your looking for a good anime to watch. I recomend it, highly. If you don't mind the religiousy-kind of stuff, and tear-jerkers. Angel Beats is pretty good too....

    Second thing: I've been debating something for a while. I think I might....get a account. It's really been …

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  • NasuHime

    I just got home from school, and the last hour that I had was Reading. In Reading, we were reading (duh...) a "long" short story;

    Any of you guys heard of "Flowers for Algernon"?.....Eh...;_;

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  • NasuHime

    Umm...Guys. MIKU OPERA?!?!

    November 26, 2012 by NasuHime

    I was just minding my own business on facebook when all of a sudden I see this!/events/309759305796842/

    Quote from Vocaloidism-

    "For THE END opera that will be held on December 1 and 2 at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media in Yamaguchi City, director Toshiki Okada and digital music artist Keiichirō Shibuya decided to collaborate with French fashion brand Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton artistic director Marc Jacobs is designing the outfits that Vocaloid idol character Hatsune Miku will wear onstage.

    No humans will appear onstage during the opera, even to play the instruments. Instead, Vocaloids will take their place, taking over every aria and recitative. The "acto…

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