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I hope you're kidding

Up next!

The last 2012 VOCALOID, AVANNA, is up next!

For the MMD model, I'm using Stylc's AVANNA

Common Negatives

  • "Who's AVANNA?"

..... I actually can't think of any for AVANNA.... Anyone predating 2013 I tend to be very fuzzy with. ^^;

DA Contributions

  • "She has an ugly voice"
  • "Can't understand a word"
  • "Really hate her voice"
  • "Sounds like Sweet ANN"
  • "Sounds like Luka"
  • "Sounds like Hatsune" (Miku)
  • "Anyone else find her hard to understand?"
  • "AVANNA sounds terrible" - Pokeluver223
  • "Robotic"
  • "Boring"
  • "Too soft" - MissMeikaKuna
  • "Elves are childish and stupid"
  • "Too weak"
  • "She sounds weak" - CrystaltheCool
  • "She sounds too muffled"
  • "Elf-loids are lame"
  • "Celtic design is lame"
  • "Worst Engloid ever" - digorylarynith
  • "What happened to her elf ears?" (may drop)
  • "Doesn't sound or look Celtic"
  • "Shouldn't have all the English recognition" - LegolasGimli
  • "I can never hear her"
  • "Nothing special about her voice"
  • "Her pronunciation isn't good"
  • "Disappointed with her design" - Image--Nation

Witnesses? Deadline

What have you seen or heard about AVANNA? Please, do NOT make up your own comments. It doesn't work that way. Otherwise, it would come off as outlandish and silly if it never happened. :/ Paraphrase if needed to (especially if the comment is really long) or cut down to the main points.

Since school is starting up again, it's an extended deadline again.

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