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Up Next!: Aoki Lapis

Here comes our fairy, Aoki Lapis~!

My heart's set on the model by Saboten by the way. I think it's cute and she works quite well.

Common Negatives

I can't remember or think of too many, but let's see

  • "Fairy VOCALOID? That's so dumb!"
  • "Stay away from KAITO!" Mainly for the blue color scheme
  • "Copying KAITO!"
  • "Copying Miku!" again, mainly for color scheme, but also voice...
  • "Another high pitched VOCALOID?!"
  • "She's trying to replace Miku"
  • "Miku's the princess!"
  • "She's not that cute"
  • "My ears hurt from listening to her!"

DA Contributions

  • "Loli"
  • "Squeaky!"
  • "She was created by a porn artist!" .... wat.
  • "looks like a hentai game character" nooooooo ;A;
  • "Not original" - MissMeikaKuna
  • "Rin in high pitch and blue"
  • "Her voice is too annoying!" - Isabeladenicola
  • "KAITO and Miku's love child!"
  • "Someone should stomp her!" *gasp* Noooooo
  • "Airhead!"
  • "miki and Rin are better!"
  • "Fairyloids are lame!"
  • "What a weird design!"
  • "Bplats shouldn't bother with her!" - digorylarynith
  • "Fairy, really?"
  • "Is that a ring on her head?" (might scrap. Doesn't seem to be hateful...) - LegolasGimli
  • "GO BACK TO MAGICAL GIRL FAIRY LAND!" (...... is this even legit...)
  • "Why the hell do we need a FAIRY vocaloid!?"
  • "Are we turning vocaloid into a magical girl-music anime thing!?" (Rewording this. "VOCALOID is becoming a magical girl thing" or something)
  • "She sounds too bright"
  • "Sounds too voice acted"
  • "Too cute for a VOCALOID" - FloraWolf

Witnesses? Deadline

What have you seen or heard about Aoki Lapis? Please, do NOT make up your own comments. It doesn't work that way. Otherwise, it would come off as outlandish and silly if it never happened. :/ Paraphrase if needed to (especially if the comment is really long) or cut down to the main points.

Deadline is probably going to be October 3rd. ;)

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