Suggestions Closed

Gonna try to do this thing a day early. Thanks for participating!


You don't like me?

Up Next: CUL!

I think I did get a request for CUL at one point, but oh well! It's her turn now!

Anywho, I'm going to be using her kio model. Yes! It's a legal Kio model! :) Her eyes are very shiny! *q*

Common Negatives

  • "Nasally"
  • "She looks slutty!" I believe some say this because of her short-shorts?
  • "She's copying MEIKO"
  • "Too hard to work with!"
  • "Who's CUL?"
  • "What kind of name is CUL?!"

I don't listen to CUL all that much. Maybe a few songs. So I don't have much on her. But I do think she's pretty.

DA Contributions

  • "Copying BIG AL" - graphpaper01
  • "Sound so unrealistic"
  • "The worst vocaloid ever"
  • "Stay away from Galaco!"
  • "Sound like VY1"
  • "She means ass"
  • "CUL? Strange name"
  • "Sound like Meiko" - Lilykwiat
  • "Sounds like Rin"
  • "Only good for rock" - MissMeikaKuna
  • "Just a lower Rin" - Filinterrorist
  • "Why does she have two different sets of clothes?!" (May cut)
  • "Another Internet Co screwup"
  • "She can't even cover anyone's songs right!" (reworded this) - LegolasGimli


I may ask my ex-schoolmate (because she's underclassmen, I graduated) some stuff. Her favorite happens to be CUL, so why not?

Witnesses? Deadline

What have you seen or heard about CUL? Deadline is most likely June 27th, the same day IA ROCKS is released. This might change or be put on hold since it's cutting it close with my vacation to Canada. I think there may be a break after CUL as again, I'm going away for a week. Thanks!

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