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What do I have to do to please you?

Up Next: Clara

I love the Clara model by P-Chan93~ But anywho, what's Bruno without his lovely counterpart, Clara?

Common Negatives

  • "Her old design is so ugly" Sharing the same as Bruno :/
  • "Thunder thighs" referring to Physical copy art
  • "Slut"
  • "Her shirt is see-through! What a slut!"
  • "MAIKA is better than Clara"

DeviantART Contributions

  • "She sounds like a V1" - graphpaper01
  • "Her voice is too soft"
  • "Bruno's so much better"
  • "Enough red VOCALOIDs!" - MissMeikaKuna
  • "Spanish MEIKO" - LegolasGimli
  • "MEIKO wannabe"
  • "MEIKO sounds better" - RoseXinh
  • "Looks like MEIKO"
  • "Sounds like MEIKO"
  • "Her design is boring!"
  • "UTAU" - lilykwiat
  • "Just like MEIKO, but a slut"
  • "Stay away from Bruno!"
  • "MAIKA should be with Bruno, NOT CLARA"
  • "Drunkaholic"
  • "MEIKO and MAIKA should kill her" <- WHAT?! Gonna see if this is a legit comment - CrystaltheCool
  • "She can't pronounce that special n in her language"
  • "Cheap VOCALOID?  Good, because she's not worthy" - leontiness



Witnesses? Deadline

What have you seen or heard VOCALOID Clara?

Again, school is going to put this series off. But I'll do the best I can to get this done. The deadline for comment collecting is August 15th. An extension is allowed, but depends on when I plan to work on the poster

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