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Mew's Link

Can't you over look this?!

Mew's model was actually a little difficult to work with. I was discussing a little about this with Momo, and I was going to go with the poster with her line edging. But then I fooled around with a tool on PicMonkey, which is called "Dusk", to add some nice dark shading on her, not too much, but just enough to allow her to be grayscaled. I also added a nice blue tint to her too. I think it looks cool. =w= It's a nice challenge to work with a monochrome VOCALOID, thank you Mew! :)

Up Next! Rewind! LOLA

Alright. From Mew, back all the way up to LOLA. Again, I'm going to REDO this one like LEON, mostly because it looks really sloppy.

However! Unlike LEON's poster, I'm just going to erase the words around her and then replace it like that. Why? Because LEON had a quality issue with his poster. Pretty much every VOCALOID after him all had the better PNG quality. LOLA is fine. I just need to add some more gray to her is all.

Previous Comments

Once again, reusing old comments from the original poster for LOLA. Also recrediting the appropriate participants :)

"Just a pair of lips slapped on a box"

"She's so slutty looking"

"Ew! What am I listening to?!"

"She sounds horrible"

"She sounds like a dying whale"

"VOCALOID should stay Japanese"

"She needs a backup singer to sound good"

"Stop using low quality as an excuse! She's horrible anyways!"

"Wash away the blood!"

"MEIKO is first! Not LOLA!"

"Lola sounds like a guy!"

"Her design is way too plain"

"She sounds retarded"

"MEIKO sang Paprika! NOT LOLA"

"Miku is better"

"She's not a VOCALOID! They're Japanese!"

"What British accent?!" (Modified this)

"Sounds like crap" (Modified"

Common Negatives

"Miku is the first VOCALOID!"

"I wish they just kept LEON and not LOLA" - Refers to both being released on same day. I did see people say this before or something similar :/

"MIRIAM is better than LOLA"

"Who the hell is LOLA?"

"No way that's one of the first VOCALOIDs..."

"She doesn't even have a face!"

"All the designs for LOLA aren't good"

"She doesn't even sound like she's singing English"

"LOLA is an UTAU"

DeviantART Contributions

"Low quality"

"Sucks at Soul singing"

"Is she black or white?" - MissMeikaKuna



Witnesses? Deadline

What have you seen or heard about LOLA? Or, if you participated before, what MORE have you got to add?

Deadline is May 16th.

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