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Up Next

After galaco comes our cute Yandere VOCALOID, MAYU

This is the only model available for me. It's by Pikadude

I will be using the model by Piron.

.... I know what you're thinking. Why am I not using Saboten's MAYU model?

I'll tell ya why. Because you're SUPPOSED TO PAY FOR HER. Yeah, I know some Western MMDers are downloading her for free and redistributing her. Shame on you for doing that. =-=* Not all models are free! These model makers work hard on these models and they're high quality! This is how they make a living sometimes and this is how you treat them? Unbelievable...

Common Negatives

  • Yandere VOCALOIDs are a stupid idea
  • She's too scary
  • Her voice is terrible
  • She's frickin creepy!
  • Psychopath!

DA Contributions

  • "She stole galaco's rainbow hair!"
  • "Too lolita" - LegolasGimli
  • "Making her Yandere takes away creativity"
  • "She has three arms!!!" <- According to a song (may or may not keep this) - CrystaltheCool
  • "She sounds bored"
  • "Too many long haired VOCALOIDs"
  • "Sounds like Rin"
  • "Unoriginal voice"
  • "She's using Miku's voice!"
  • "Edited Miku voice" - TenshiAkari12
  • "Sounds flat"
  • "Sounds like SeeU"
  • "Her design is lame"
  • "She stole Yukari's rabbit!"
  • "SeeU wannabe!" - digorylarynith

Witnesses? Deadlines

What have you seen or heard about MAYU? Please, do NOT make up your own comments. It doesn't work that way. Otherwise, it would come off as outlandish and silly if it never happened. :/ Paraphrase if needed to (especially if the comment is really long) or cut down to the main points.

Deadline is hopefully February 19th, Chinese New Year.

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