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Please give me a chance...


The last rewind. I'm redoing MIRIAM :)

Previous Comments

  • "She sounds like a female Elmo!"
  • "Why have the voice of Miriam Stockley when you can have Saki Fujita"
  • "She's too quiet"
  • "Least popular for VOCALOID1? Good, STAY THAT WAY!"
  • "Her boxart is just a picture of a lady"
  • "VOCALOID doesn't sound good in English"
  • "Sounds like someone using autotune"
  • "Sounds good for an UTAU"
  • "Is MIRIAM even official?"
  • "She looks so sad... and lame"
  • "I can't hear her!"
  • "She's too muffled"
  • "Who the hell is MIRIAM?"
  • "MIRIAM is a rip off of Miku"
  • "VOCALOID? More like UTAU"
  • "No anime art? No interest"


None I can think of

DA Contributions

  • "Sounds like an UTAU"
  • "Too Robotic" - lilykwiat
  • "Can't hold a note"
  • "She's not even that clear" - MissMeikaKuna
  • "She doesn't even have a official mascot" - LegolasGimli

Witnesses? Deadline

What have you seen or heard about MIRIAM? Deadline: ...... June 7th? Saturday maybe? If not, put on hold for next week

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