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Up Next! Mew

Awww yeah! We finally made it to the V3 era guys! Thank you so much for all the help with getting "The Disappearance of Virtual Musicians" series to this point!

Now, if you didn't know already, there are FOUR V3 VOCALOIDs that were released on the same day and helped kick off the V3 era. Two of them were updates, which were VY1v3 and V3 Megpoid! Of course, since I don't do updates, we go straight for the other two new vocals, Mew and SeeU, our catty duo~

Since I like to follow the list on the Status page, we're going to do Mew first. :)

As for Mew's model... I really really like this one. But I'm not sure if that's a model that you have to obtain via purchase. If so, I'm going to need help with finding alternative Mew models.

Common Negatives

- "Needs more color!" Dude, monochrome is hot

- "Monochrome is so boring" And you're boring too :D

- "Her design is boring!" Nu uh

- "She's not cute!" She's not cute, but she's hot :I I'm going to keep saying this. I'm not interested in girls, but she is quite the attractive lady

- "Too mature" And you're too IMmature.

- "Sounds like MEIKO"

- "Sounds like Lily"

- "Sounds like Luka"

- "Who's Mew?"

- "Mew as in the Pokemon?" <- Seen it. Or something like this. No joke. Like legit, the only thing that can be Mew is the Pokemon apparently.

- "I thought VOCALOIDs are supposed to look cute and colorful"

DeviantART Contributions

"Not even anime styled like the others!" - Isabeladenicola

"She only has like 5 songs"

"Not enough fanart to even matter"

"More color!" - LegolasGimli

"Don't even bother with Mew"

"No one uses her"

"She killed her cat!" You sick mother fucker

"Her consonants sound weird" - MissMeikaKuna

"She's too plain"

"MEIKO and Luka's love child" - RoseXinh

"First V3 VOCALOID? Pft, hell no"


"So depressing"


"Too difficult to tune!" - Digorylarynith



Witnesses? Deadline

What have you seen or heard about Mew? I mean, I don't listen to her much, but she's a really cool VOCALOID, design wise and vocal wise.

Deadline is May 9th. That's also flower's release date ;D

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