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Up Next! SeeU

Here we go! Back to V3! Onto our first Korean capable VOCALOID, SeeU! Now, there's going to be a LOT on her, I can bet on that.

As for her model... she does have decent models compared to Mamama (Windows 100%). Which, if you didn't know, I'm ABSOLUTELY NOT using Mamama's SeeU. Hello, did you know it's illegal to redistribute that particular model? You're supposed to pay for her, did you know that?

Since that is the case, I am forced to find a different SeeU model. No matter, it's not like the case with Iroha, where there weren't many models to compete with ISAO's. But I am quite fond of this SeeU model. If you find others that are perfectly LEGAL to use, feel free to show me.

Common Negatives

Oh dear. I'm afraid there's going to be some racist comments in here. Whatever you do, keep it somewhat... um... well... nothing TOO bad and serious like death threats or something like that. Um. Just pitch something and I'll see if I can use it or if it's too "dangerous" to use it. This one might get sensitive

- "SeeU is a flop" Okay, OKAY. I'm actually one of the people who say this about her. Mostly because that's her company's fault, not her really. They thought they could make all the money off her, but they can't. They simply expected too much from SeeU. I personally think she needs another Korean companion and not be the only VOCALOID please.

- "I thought she was supposed to speak English!" For people who were promised the trilingual and got Konglish //slapped

- "She sounds nothing like her demo" Because her vp sang with her I was told. Guess the fans got disappointed

- "Miku Wannabe!"

- "She's copying Miku!"

- "Her outfit is so lame!"

- "Copycat"

- "ANOTHER female?! Should have been a male instead" For all those picky fans who bitch about not having enough males. HELLO! KOREAN VOCALOID. There were none of those til now! Who cares about the gender? It's a new language!

- "She's nothing special"

And my brain is too tired. I'll leave it at this.

DeviantART Contributions

- "Her hair is so stupid!"

- "What's wrong with her voice?"

- "She can't pronounce anything right!"

- "She sounds too robotic"

- "Trying too hard to be as good as Miku"

- "She's copying Rin's outfit!" Image--Nation

- "Rin wannabe"

- "Copying Iroha's outfit" <- I don't see how :U

- "Too many neko UTAUs" SHE'S NOT AN UTAU, WTF

- "We want Japanese, not Korean!"

- "Korean version of Miku"

- "Her hair is like Medusa"

- "Luka is a better bilingual"

- "Sing more Korean, not Japanese!" - RoseXinh

- "Not even a VOCALOID name!"

- "Wannabe-loid"

- "Catloids are overrated"

- "Muffled Luka and Iroha"

- "SeeU sucks!" - digorylarynith

- "Iroha is the best Catloid!" - MissMeikaKuna

- "She's only famous because she's Korean" <- Yeah. Both love and hate though :(

- "Copying Iroha's style!"

- "Sounds like an UTAU"

- "Stay away from OLIVER!" Lilykwiat

- "Damn Koreans" - ScarletDevilVocaloid (I'm not sure if I should use this or not)

- "Neko VOCALOIDs are lame"

- "Stay away from Len!" - Isabeladenicola

- "Why is she the only Korean one?!"

- "Attention whore!"

- "Taking spotlight from other V3s" - LegolasGimli

- "Japanese VOCALOIDs are better!"

- "Rin and Len are better!"

- "Stealing Miku's outfits!"

- "Miku is better!"

- "SeeU's a fucking bitch!" <- Please explain .3.

- "Poor blend of Miku and IA"

- "Sounds like (female) Len"

- "Annoying voice"

- "Korean copycat"

- "Not a VOCALOID"

- "Voice doesn't fit design" - Filinterrorist


I should really look into this for SeeU. I'm sure there's some good ones out there

Witnesses? Deadline

What have you seen or heard about SeeU? I'm pretty sure she's not too hard to find. She's got a lot of praise yes, but she's also got a lot of haters.

Deadline. Hm... Well, I'm going to prom this Friday, so I may have to push this to another day. Maybe May 24th? Comments probably due May 23rd.

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