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Because butts

Also, thanks for participating!

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MIRIAM Redo: It's not like that...

SeeU: Please give me a chance...

Up Next!

After SeeU comes Tone Rion! I personally like her LAT model If you can find another alternate, then please do suggest. Or if there's no DL for this, let me know

Common Negatives

  • "She's so ugly"
  • "Too much moe!"
  • "Too much on her design"
  • "This is a VOCALOID?"
  • "Is Rion even official?"
  • "Terrible design"
  • "I'm glad she's unpopular"

DA Contributions

  • "Stupid brat" - 123Matsuri
  • "Weird maid"
  • "Too lolita" - LegolasGimli
  • "Worst VOCALOID"
  • "Sounds like MAYU"
  • "Tries too hard to be moe"
  • "Low quality"
  • "Sounds like Gachapoid" - MissMeikaKuna
  • "Looks and sounds like Miku" - Lilykwiat
  • "Voice is too weird"
  • "Voice doesn't fit design"
  • "Design is too stupid"
  • "Tried to make another Miku"
  • "Only one good song" - Image--Nation
  • "Sounds like an UTAU" - Filinterrorist


  • "Nasally Miku"
  • "Looks like Miku"
  • "Gakupo and Miku's love child"

Witnesses? Deadline

What have you seen about Tone Rion? Deadline for comments is around June 13th


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