I have three things to talk about.  My physical state, the Anti-Hate series, and sound issues.

Physical State

As mentioned before, I had my wisdom teeth extracted. All four of them. My bottom lip was swollen and my extraction sites are bloody... not as bad now. Rinse out with salt water every two hours to clean them. Drooling everywhere because spitting require sucking, which affects extraction sites. Fed with a spoon by my mother or sister because my swollen lip makes it difficult to eat and drink (and I keep bumping into it). Only allowed soft foods.

My prescribed medication is not helping me. The first time was a mistake. I didn't eat before taking it. And the contents went back out with the applesauce I was having at the time. The second time, half of the pill was mixed in my porridge, which caused the food to taste really bitter. An hour or two later, I had stomach pains. I don't think I can handle the medication. So I had to switch to liquid painkillers instead

Anti-Hate series

Yesterday, I was in no mood to work on Yukari's poster. I started it, but since I kept drooling, it was hard for me to look down at the paper which contains all of the comments that were suggested. Also, I kept getting a headache. So I organized it the best I could and left it on my PC for further editing. Hopefully, I will be well enough next Friday to work on it or earlier.

Sound Issues

Yesterday, I was having issues with YouTube. The video only stayed at 0:00 and even if I moved it, it still would not play. Nothing worked. The video moves when I use Mozilla Firefox though. Also, Skype would not allow me to speak to anyone. Kept saying "Playback error" whenever my friend and I tried to V-chat or call each other. It was my computer causing it. Computer wouldn't allow me to play my songs on the computer either

Today, I found out that the sound simply just doesn't work. I clicked the little megaphone/audio button on the toolbar... and tried to adjust the sound bar to hear the "ping" noise. No noise came. I have no idea what to do about this and it's annoying me because it delays my time into making more song pages as I need to make sure the lyrics are correct. Plus, I like to listen to music while working on Anti-Hate. I need to fix this as soon as possible

I am using Windows 8 ASUS laptop and this is very very frustrating.

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