Okay, I've seen this in my DeviantART inbox.... but I'm not so sure, because this guy is known for having his MMD models for purchase.

Does anyone know if the anon and kanon models by ISAO are PURCHASE or Download for free?

If they're downloadable for free, then I want to take advantage of the opportunity in case they want to have them for purchase later or something :/

Example of anon and kanon ISAO models

I also wanted to know if it's the same for Nanami's kokone model.

kokone model by Nanami

I know FULL WELL that nanami doesn't particularly like to distribute to Westerners as they tend to break the rules :(

.... I don't have to worry about redistribution or editing as I don't like to distribute and I'm not good at editing in the first place, so this isn't a worry for anyone who set the rules that you can't do either.

But I was just curious as I see A LOT of people got ahold of Nanami's kokone. I wasn't sure if they're getting it from someone redistributing or Nanami is indeed distributing herself (probably password protected, which is alright and is expected)

All I want to know if it's OKAY to download these three for free or if they have to be purchased. Please don't send me to links that have people redistributing them when they're not supposed to (if that rule applies. Sometimes they have special permission to redistribute, but that isn't always the case) And if the rules says to not link to the DL site, then please don't do that. >n<

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