Source - This video:

I had my friend, Di, (or Ren) translate it for me.  And I'm going to c-p everything she said of it

"The video is basically talking about the company for VOCALOID is going to stop VOCALOID CHINA and get out of the market"

"The company, YAMAHA, is going to sell the 5 cartoon figures to a company in Shanghai, which is going to start VOCANESE,  which is equal to VOCALOID CHINA" (In other words, 5 cartoon figures = Tianyi, Ling, Longya, Moke and Qingxian, and though she hasn't said it, I'm thinking it applies to YANHE too, since they had her involved in the video too)

"Which means YAMAHA sold VOCALOID to a company in Shanghai"

"The news is saying, they are still on the talk for the final price of selling"

See?  I haven't talked to her in a while and her English is improved in that time. :)  Her English was already pretty good and understandable.  I had to edit it out a little for this blog, but very few edits at least :)

Any thoughts?

EDIT: I think VOCANESE also has something to do with SeeU as well.  She's showing up in VOCANESE taobao... and she also made an appearance in an advertisment for VOCANESE.  Perhaps I can get my friend to translate this too.

EDIT2: For some reason this keeps coming up in the comments and I have no clue where they're drawing this from in here... NO.  THEY ARE NOT STOPPING THE CREATION OF CHINESE VOCALOIDS.  IT'S JUST A COMPANY/PROJECT MOVEMENT.  

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