I already wrote my review on the characters up to Pac-Man last time.  Three new ones were revealed.  And these were the ones I already called, lmfao

Veteran: Captain Falcon

What's Smash Bros without Falcon's infamous "FALCON PAWNCH"?! Plus, he was one of the veterans from the original Smash Bros. Now we all have to wait for Ness.

Fire Emblem: Lucina

I was either expecting Chrom or Lucina, either way, CALLED IT. Plus people kept requesting a female FE character, so here you go. This should satisfy your needs. I can't wait.

Fire Emblem: Robin

Or also known as your custom Avatar from Awakening. Again.. CALLED IT. A lot of people have disagree with me when I thought that Robin should be in SSB4. Mainly because "magic sucks" and "you'll only play as one gender by default". Until they revealed you can change genders, obviously, the second excuse couldn't be used anymore and people continued to bash on magic.

I personally think using swords and close combat for Fire Emblem would be rather boring and FE players know that the game is much more diverse than that. So I'm really happy about this. ;w;

What About You?

What do you guys think of the roster now with these three added?

If you haven't gotten a chance to see the trailer then: here you go

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