Alright. Lately I've been getting a lot of sassy tinas and spammers and stuff showing up and spreading shit about me or vandalizing my stuff.

If none of you caught the thing that happened last night, there were two anons who created pages saying "MISTERYEEVEE STINKS" and then created a thread about the same thing. They replaced my text with nonsense on my profile area. I reported them, obviously and they got blocked

And then today, someone, particularly a certain IP that Momo and I dealt with several times and is known to spam, added to my talk page about stupid chain mail "My name is Kylie" and how she's dead and if you don't blah blah blah you'll die and stuff like that.

And I also had a few profile vandals a few months ago and this/last week.

What am I even doing to these people, I'm wondering?  :U

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