I know there have been several blogs and forums about this and I know I said I wasn't going to continue editing her page because I couldn't fully understand what's going on, but not doing anything just makes things worse. I'm kind of sick of people outside the wiki questioning the pages because we haven't been as responsive due to confusion. And honestly, I don't know why they even bother questioning if they're not doing anything to help. :P

So this blog is to gather data on Unity-chan and AKAZA. This is a space to pitch in ideas in improving the pages and to help gather important information that's missing. I would suggest that one person at a time should edit the page or at least assign one person to do it so we would avoid edit clashes (aka Ninja-ing). Nothing is more aggravating than more than one person trying to edit one page at once, trust me. Some of us know what that's like lol

You can treat this as a sort of checklist or for inspiration for ideas or to rebuttal.

Otori Kohaku/Unity-chan:

  • Are we missing biographical information? Personalities? Please check the official page featuring her and the other girls (With the voice clips). I think there might have been information there that "could" be her bio, but I can't read Japanese, so I wouldn't know. ><
  • I know people have pointed out that Unity-chan =/= Otori Kohaku, but the reason why I still refer to her as "Kohaku" was because of the.... seemingly official Unity-chan twitter still referring to her as "Kohaku". This twitter can also write in English, so I guess it's not so bad. I'm just not sure if it's official or not. lol
  • Obviously, we need to consider separating her character page with her product page(s), but this is where things get a little tricky I guess.
- Should there be a page for her Unity release and her V4 release? Or should they be together?
- If Unity should be treated as separate, is she partly released? If so, perhaps there should be a derivative section on the Status page for all Unity voicebanks? She won't be alone as Yukari will also be available for Unity, it seems. She was also already released early at a convention, but Rana V4 was like that too and we only counted the Dec 1 release.
- Should she still be Sandboxed until her V4 version is released? (I mean, she'll still be Sandboxed anyways due to major renovations, but still)
  • For personal questions, should we treat her Unity version as her "birthday" or should the VOCALOID4 version count more? //shot
  • Is the Unity version using VOCALOID2 or VOCALOID3 technology? I've seen people write that she's using VOCALOID2... yet others argue it's VOCALOID3. Some clarification would be nice. :)
  • Should she be using the Candy Rock Star outfit or the one with her and AKAZA? (Perhaps this could be cleared up later on when she's released or something X_X )


  • Needs her own color coding, obviously. She can't use Rion's forever.
  • I was wondering if she should just receive a character page like ONA and her V4 tab could link to Unity-chan's product page? They're using the same voicebank after all.
  • We need the date of when she was first showcased.
  • Obviously, we don't have an image of her by herself, so the logo in the infobox is just fine for now.
  • Name the page "AKAZA" since that's the character name? As I stated earlier, the product page could simply share Unity-chan's since they're using the same voicebank. I don't think there's a need for her to have her own if it's literally the same as Unity-chan's.
  • Introduction is needed. For inspiration, see ONA. Remember, the difference is, you can use AKAZA's image publicly.
  • Give a shot with the Appearance section? Or we can wait til they announce more information about her.

And that's all I can really think of. We really do need to try to work on these two as best as possible. I know things are confusing and not very clear and I'm in no way trying to hound everyone to try to work on this. I'm merely concerned about how things are turning out and it's better to handle it now rather than later when everyone will clash.

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