Just another person giving their two cents into this whole "your opinion on the V3 vocals". Mind you, I tend to like all VOCALOIDs, so I'm gonna tryyyyy to expand on why I like them, what I don't like all that much etc. Also, it's difficult for me to talk about VOCALOIDs before Aoki Lapis or even before YANHE. I got into the VOCALOID fandom between Megpoid Native and Aoki Lapis's releases, got more into it before YANHE's release and a little before ZOLA project.


  • VY1v3 - I did listen to VY1's original V2 voicebank and never really hear the V3 version. I like VY1, but since I never really heard the V3, I don't have much of a comment. I was told there wasn't too big of a difference.
  • Mew - Unfortunately, Mew was one of the ones I didn't remember most of the time (until I met Trainspud lmfao). She has a nice voice, but since she was one of the early V3s, I don't know much. So I can't really form a real opinion, eh?
  • V3 Megpoid - I remember hearing "Ten Faced" featuring these vocals without realizing it. I simply just went to listen to this song as recommended, the V3 version came up. Totally more expressive than the original song, so I liked it a lot better. Basically, good for you GUMI, nice to see you have an update. But where's your native? lol
  • SeeU - Poor unfortunate soul. Started out with intense racial hate, plus the whole "too good to be true" demo of I=Fantasy. The "English/Trilingual" claim. The Miku Formula. The whole VP scandal from this past September. Poor girl had it rough. :/ Great to see an attempt to start VOCALOID in the Korean language, but bad reception... eugh. To be honest, I don't really like SeeU's voice all that much. I liked her a lot at first when I was still trying to get to know the V2 VOCALOIDs and someone told me about SeeU. But after meeting some Korean friends, I started to notice the flaws she had with her pronunciation, to the point where it just... bothered me. Which is really, really unfortunate. ;_; I'm sorry, SeeU.
  • Tone Rion - Another one I tend to forget. I heard her voice a few times and I even have one song featuring her in my playlist at Plug dj because someone shared it with us and I liked it, so I added it lol. She doesn't sound all that bad. But her design... doesn't catch my eye. It's not bad, but it's not all that great to me. Still hoping that her friends would come in eventually or that she would get another chance and have an update, but I'm not going to hold out on this hope. :/
  • OLIVER - Probably my favorite English VOCALOID for now. English VOCALOIDs, I don't pay all that much attention to, unfortunately. But I had to think about "out of all 17, which one do I like" and it turned out to be OLIVER. I think he sounds cute. I love his design, he's adorable to me. And I do like the songs he's featured in most of the time. Hell, his role in Bee and Puppycat... he's just soooo cute. And it's kind of cool that they use a VOCALOID.. hell... an ENGLISH VOCALOID... in a little series owo Great that he's the first Engloid with 1,000,000 views on a video. And I guess I'm just happy he's well received. Buuuut this came with the cost of the "first English VOCALOID" label. ^^; Oh dear, fandom... you have a lot to learn.
  • CUL - *sucking in air, kind of making a hissing noise* CUL... I just learned that you are probably one of the ones at the bottom of my list. I like her design. I mean, I have a Kio model of CUL for MMD, and damn it's gorgeous... and there were times I don't mind her voice or I do like it... but just recently, I basically discovered the side where I really don't like her. Sometimes, she just sounded... funny or strange to me. She was also one of the VOCALOIDs I tended to forget. And I found out about how her VP sounds and I was basically, "Whyyyyy does CUL not sound like her?" ;A; "SHE'S AMAZING!!!" So now I'm really hoping she'd eventually have a bank that sounds similar to her VP, but again, not holding out on the hope...
  • Yuzuki Yukari - I think she sounds rather lovely. One of the VOCALOIDs I tended to forget (like most early V3s). But I do understand why a lot of people like her. .w. I don't think I have to really explain it lol
  • Bruno - Yeah, hi! I like you! You sound kind of manly and that's awesome! I like your Spanish! I might consider you to be my favorite Spanish VOCALOID, but I don't really know because I like all three orz .... I'd steal this guy's hat if he were real. I really. Freaking. Like. the hat.
  • Clara - I LIKE YOU TOO! I love her design and her redesigns, and just ugh.... she looked so badass in her retail redesign ;w; Basically, I like the Spanish VOCALOIDs and I can't wait to see more. I just can't figure out who's my favorite of all of them. *crai*


  • IA - Another one I didn't pay too much attention to (yet, she's so popular, Mist, how could you?!). She's fine for me. Probably should hear more of her original, heh.
  • Megpoid Native - Um.... idk, I never heard the difference between the original and this one .w. I'm sure it's fine.  Too bad it was never in the V3 pack and this wasn't released until months later?
  • Aoki Lapis - HELLO DAHLING, YOU'RE ADORABLE! I find her cute. And hnnnng I like her voice. Buuuut another vocal I never paid too much attention to earlier. But so far, I'm liking whatever song I'm coming across. I get how people might be annoyed or can't handle her voice though, it's just so... up there, heh...
  • V3 Lily - I'm fine with this. That's all there basically is to say orz
  • Luo Tianyi - HNNNNNNNG MY DAUGHTER, HELLO. My little precious angel~ I love you. You're soooo perfect//SLAPPED FOR BIASED OPINION
Ahem... well, she's adorable. I love her voice, she sounds so chibi! Lol. But anyways, I'm not too bad with the biased shit. I'll admit her flaws. Her Mandarin is okay, but needs improvement. Sometimes her pronunciation is off or what's it... *not familiar with using VOCALOID at all* her transition from one phoneme to another is odd? Idk. Some natives can't understand her well and I can see why. I basically own like... 6 CDs featuring Tianyi and I can just tell... Sometimes when I working on song pages, I can't tell if she's saying one thing or another really. Plus, there are songs where I really don't like her or they're making her sing too high that it kind of hurts (yet I'll still like the song sometimes lmfao). But that's usually over how the producer tuned her, etc. :|
Design-wise, I love her redesign. I didn't really like the Yayin Gongyu design... while it does seem "Chinese" (As a lot of people label it), it seemed a bit... boring for me, for some reason. I simply don't find it appealing as a lot of people did. :/ Plus her red eyes... I just didn't like them. I love how her eyes are green now, they just seem... fitting. Idk. And I do feel that her new design has very noticeable Chinese elements. Her dress in general, the armwarmers, her hairstyle and that cute little yellow charm on her neck. The whole angel concept, LOVE IT. There were no previous VOCALOIDs as this "Species"(?). What I find rather annoying was the whole backlash about her backstory... I notice that producers just don't use it, so I never found it to be a problem. I think of it as inspiration, a starting point and a simple marketing technique to try to get people to like her character better. *shrugs*
Her Japanese bank, as it never came to exist, I never found it problematic that it was cancelled or I simply just didn't care. To be honest, if any of the Chinese VOCALOIDs have Japanese voicebanks (or other language banks), I would probably not pay any attention to it. I just simply prefer Chinese voicebanks. Just as how people favor English banks or Spanish, etc. :| Though, it's unfortunate that it had to be cancelled due to the racial conflict between China and Japan at the time, so it sucks for those who actually wanted her Japanese bank. But I understand why they didn't release it. :/
  • V3 Gackpoid - Never bothered me. I actually really like his V3 banks. I never really understood why people didn't like it (mainly because they haven't really explained it, just flat out said "I don't like it")
  • galaco (Prize) - Gave her original a few listens in recently... ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh I like her NEO banks better orz Doesn't sound TOO bad I guess, but certainly didn't stand out. Also one of the ones I couldn't remember.
  • VY2v3 - Like VY1v3. The falsetto tho. Made me giggle a few times actually o_O
  • MAYU - I recently started liking MAYU. Someone showed me a few songs featuring her and I definitely like her. I liked her design overall and her outfit seems like something my sister would wear, to be honest (and I'm pretty sure she admitted that she'd cosplay her, but probably not lol). Yandere, just yes. However, back then... I tended to forget about her too orz
  • AVANNA - Hello, you're pretty amazing. Good to see you have a song with over 1 million! Well deserved too~! :) Her design was one I liked, still sad to see the elf ears go and not be canon. orz Would have been nice... Her voice was one I liked, but ehhhh didn't listen too much, unlike OLIVER.


  • KAITO V3 - Ohhhh gosh. I was happy about the design reveal, I could still recognize him as KAITO! Buuuuuuuut.... I hated his boots and I still do... orz I liked his previous shoes better. ;A; *cry*
I'll have to admit, KAITO V3 sounds... different to his V1, which surprised me to the point that I started hating his new upgrade for a while. Really, REALLY disappointing and unfortunate since he was one of my favorite VOCALOIDs. I had to find the right producers to make me like him better, which I did eventually. His English.... goodness.... I really don't like it. >n< He sounds incredibly derpy to me and I never really understood why people liked it so much (aside from the fact that he's KAITO = CRYPTON = BIG 8 = POPULAR). There were very, VERY few times where I liked the usage of his English, but otherwise, most of the time, I don't like it.
  • Megpoid English - Despite the things that are wrong with her voicebank, I still like GUMI's English. She is one of the Japanese/English bilinguals that I like. I can't explain why either, I suck at trying to describe why I like the voice so much. orz Her design, I think she's cute and pretty... like the updo, lol  Basically, I tend to like her English depending on the producer using her I guess.
  • ZOLA PROJECT - And it was then, I showed sis the Dragonball theme song and she screamed in utter happiness. Together, they sound great! And I hardly heard them apart, but so far, I just like them together a lot better.
Okay, a tomboyish looking VOCALOID is AWESOME! And gotta say, her Mandarin is kind of improved compared to Tianyi. I tend to really like her voice and at times, I can tolerate it when they pitch her up.... however.... there were times that I really hate it when they do that to her. orz Like for example, False Obsession. She sounds fine to me throughout the whole song, EXCEPT AT THE END when they make her go high pitched and damn... hurt my ears. I'm sorry Sya, you're one of my favorite producers, but why did you do this...? ;A; So yeah, YANHE in high pitches, not good some of the time. ><
Design-wise, I just love it. Has some good Chinese elements in there to tell her apart from the other languages. Color scheme... probably my favorite of all VOCALOIDs. Unfortunate that she doesn't have so much of a backstory as the others, but I respect MQ and his decisions (not like the fans/producers would follow it anyways). So glad her design wasn't changed too drastically, because I really, really loved her original. :) And even though she's not a masculine voicebank, I enjoy how producers are having her portray as male characters, especially since her design is very easy to alter.
Still sucked that she didn't have much marketing in the beginning, but I'm glad she's well received regardless. They're kind of making up for it now, at least
  • Hatsune Miku V3 English - Can tolerate it, but most of the time, I don't really like her English bank. Sounds derpy at times... She can sound good depending on who uses her.
  • YOHIOloid - I like him, especially his English, but I don't like him as much as OLIVER.  His Japanese is "Eh" to me.
  • Hatsune Miku V3 - Clearer and improved than her V2. I especially liked her Solid bank of all. Her design is still recognizable as Miku and it's sooo shiny. *q* I'm not complaining about her V3 update lol
  • MAIKA - Hi, just like the other two, I like you as well. I'll admit, it took me a while to warm up to her design. It wasn't something I expected from the silhouette. However, I did expect something kind of cyber or futuristic, yet at the same time, I didn't. Her silhouette just threw me off. XD So the reveal was a surprise. But I really like her Spanish and it's cool that people could use the extra phonemes to attempt at another language. Can have nice results too, but like some others, I'm not liking the overpraise that she's better than the English VOCALOIDs or Japanese VOCALOIDs, etc. :/ Can't we accept her for who she is? A Spanish VOCALOID?
  • Merli - I like her voice and design. But after a while, I stopped paying attention to her. Still couldn't tell much of a difference between her demos when they're showing the percentages. :P  Unfortunate that she doesn't get that much usage, especially in her first year


  • Macne Nana - Adorable. Did not see an English bank coming. Did not see Nana becoming a VOCALOID in general. Great that she's here. She sounds cute but I don't really care for her English bank very much. Wondering if they'll do more Macnes~
  • MEIKO V3 - YESSSS, SO HAPPY FOR HER! HER POWER BANK, OMFG, SO HAPPY. Still can recognize her as MEIKO too! And even if the design is simple, it's certainly better than her V1 box. ;w; Those boots, I want.
Her voicebanks were just.... hnnnng. No complaints. Her English, like GUMI, was one of the ones I really liked out of all Japanese -> English VOCALOIDs. It's not the best, but I like it better than the others at least.
  • kokone - She sounded really nice at first to me, but then I suddenly lost interest as time went on. Her demos were okay to me, but there was one I really liked especially. .w. She sounds pretty sweet, which is nice
  • anon and kanon - YOU GUYS ARE SOOO CUTE. Together, they sound really good, great even! Alone, they're okay... but better when together ;D Still kind of mad over the whole kanon = Neru thing... and the whole Kagamine shit over them. Please accept them the way they are, just PLEASE. And Kagamines have no official relationship, do what you want. They weren't the first confirmed siblings orz
  • flower - POWER! Basically any Powerful song using flower becomes my favorite. Well, some songs were meh, to me or she doesn't suit it, but looking for the right ones, totally worth it. Plus her design, hnnnng, love it sooo much ;u;  Uh, very disappointed with her demos though.  Basically, Inokori Sensei was the best of all and the rest were just blech
Still annoyed with the whole "SHE'S GENDERLESS" comments of total denial. I mean, I get it if you're confused, but not okay with the whole refusal. She's a girl, stop it.
  • Tohoku Zunko - Well, she sounds cute... and I like her concept. She's fine to me
  • IA ROCKS - and suddenly I notice IA. Oops. Well, some of the demos I liked, some I didn't. But so far, I like this new additional bank.
  • galaco NEO - Welcome back to you~ And look, you sound pretty sweet in that Blue bank. And you look gorgeous. I like your dress, can I have it? //slapped. I'm satisfied I guess. Made up for her prize version.
  • Rana - Hey, you. Took me a while to like you better. So far, I don't mind the usage of Rana, in fact, I really like it if they keep her in the recommended range and don't go TOO overboard with high pitching her or make her go out of recommended range. Pretty much only one demo I didn't like. Hoping she gets a regular release, but not keeping my hopes up. She looks adorable pretty much.
  • Gachapoid V3 - Suddenly I like Gachapoid lol I don't really know why I tolerate him, but so far, he's not all that bad. :) Actually, I did hear some good usage with Gachapoid V3, so .w.  I'm just glad he wasn't left out in the end... but somewhat angry that the only reason he was updated was because Gachapin's 40th was coming up and it was insisted that he'd get an update...
  • Chika - I really like Chika for some reason... even more than GUMI or kokone. I REALLY DON'T KNOW WHY. And I really like her design, she reminds me of some dress up paper dolls. And the colors, hnng. She just sounds nice to me (I understand the whole GUMI/kokone/Chika comparison, no worries, I just like her out of the three for some odd reason that I don't quite understand).

Anyways, that's my take on the whole V3 era. Sorry if I couldn't elaborate over why I like/don't like them. And pretty much all of them, I like them. I just need to find the right usage lol :)

And because people were questioning it, unreleased/inactive/cancelled VOCALOIDs

  • Suzune Ring - I'm going to tell you that I actually did like her voicebank, so I was disappointed that she didn't get released. I also liked her new redesign, like... a lot. And it's too bad that we really have no idea what happened to the company. They just went MIA. But I'm willing to let her go. She is proof that VOCALOIDs can drop out of production or at least, she's one of the known ones.
  • Hibiki Lui - Well, since the only thing I can talk about is design, that's what I'll talk about. Lui... uh... I don't really care for his design. I can see why people think he's a girl, because well.. he has the short shorts (which is something girls usually wear) and the high boots, plus the size of his eyes. And sometimes the shape of his body might lead people to mistake him as a girl. I didn't really have that problem when I first saw him, but I see why others do. I guess I'm calling him an "Okay" VOCALOID design.
  • Anri Rune - Like Ring, I did like Rune's voice. So that means, I was also disappointed with Rune's random disappearance. Her design was cute to me as well, even if people found her to be generic. I'm going to admit that the style of music was strange to me and scared me a little, but I got used to it. I found her to be interesting since she was a TV host originally and was gonna go into the VOCALOID "career path". But alas, she's not here. :/ Actually, I was a bit more concerned about whether or not she was meant to be commercial or private since Fuji TV never clarified it.
  • ALYS - The idea of the first French capable/specialized VOCALOID was exciting to me and quite a handful of others. I mean, holy shit, the SIXTH language for VOCALOID! Way to get hyped! Did it bother me that she was a girl? Absolutely not. That she was bilingual in Japanese? Well, maybe a little... but I was curious to know who they would go for as the voice provider. I was actually expecting English bilingual or maybe Spanish... heh. Her design silhouette, I must say, I knew she was going to be cyber. I didn't understand why others didn't think so to be honest. If anything, the tail of her dress reminded me of KAIKO, cut into swallow-style (the bird). And I also noticed there was a soft "light" coming from the thing holding her braid together, so I knew it was going to glow. However, the whole guess thingy, like Moo-loid, irked me. I know the fans were trying to have fun, but I didn't really like it lol. Then we see her, and I wasn't disappointed because I knew she was going to be cyber, so... And her design doesn't bother me. Her voice provider, Poucet, I never heard of, but after giving her a few listens, I did like her a lot. She just sounds really beautiful to me and even though she has a French accent when singing in Japanese, I still really liked her. So I thought she was a good choice. :)
Now the engine switch was a big shock to me. And I was really disappointed with that. Glad she wasn't ditched entirely, but sad she wasn't going to be part of the VOCALOID family. I was basically more ticked that: A. Fans keep calling her a VOCALOID when she's CeVIO now, especially if they are very well aware of the engine switch. I'm forgiving towards fans who simply didn't know about the switch. B. VoxWave didn't take this up with YAMAHA beforehand. We had our hopes up for this one and the fans are now confused... if they talked with YAMAHA before, then this mess wouldn't have happened.
Sometimes I do see posts about ALYS here and there... must say that her demos aren't bad... and "Avenir" is my favorite... but so far the voice isn't that pleasant to me. Probably because it's still a prototype and I was told it's not using CeVIO or something? Ah, so I'm just gonna wait until it's done with CeVIO I guess.

That basically concludes my whole "unreleased" section.

Expected for V3

Well, I'll change this if they move to V4 or are released, so this is just thoughts on development for now.

  • Yuezheng Ling - Why am I not surprised? X3 If any of the VOCANESE characters were to have a VOCALOID voicebank, it would totally be Ling. She's the most popular out of the other ones. She has a lot of fanart and is even portrayed in a number of PVs. Heck, she even borrows Tianyi or YANHE's voices for some of the songs too, namely, the Bidirectional Series. She's just too damn popular in the East. I would simply just be shocked if they never gave her a bank. She is proof that the VOCANESE characters can become VOCALOIDs and I'm very happy that she will have a voicebank. It seemed that the characters wouldn't have a chance since YANHE came around and the company seemed to move on from them, but it's not the case. :) Basically, good for you, Ling~! I knew you were gonna make it! <3
Contest-wise, the number of people who participated is just... awesome. 390 entries! I mean, sure, wasn't like 666 design entries from YANHE, but since this was a female only contest, it's a good number in comparison.
Now the voice provider. I went back recently to hear what she sounded like in the engine again and... uh.. I basically hope that she sounds better later on. I mean, obviously, this was just a half-assed sample because it's just to demonstrate what QI Inory sounds like and it wasn't meant to be a completed bank, but... I found the second placed girl to be more fitting. I like Ling, a lot... and I just hope that the final bank would be better and fitting. I'm overall disappointed how the contest played out like everyone else who was aware of it. Yeah, QI Inory seems really nice and all, she's a popular and well-known girl, but even she wasn't liking how the fans were behaving. She wanted to win fair and square, to have a nice clean competition, it's pathetic how her fans didn't listen to her. Some fans they were. :/
  • Zhanyin Lorra - When they said "mystery VOCALOID" my thoughts immediately went "Well, it's either going to be other VOCANESE characters or it's going to be someone new". Either way, I would be happy about it, like wow, four Chinese VOCALOIDs. Now, like some others, I was kind of hoping it would be a guy but wasn't minding too much if it was another girl. I wouldn't really find it surprising, actually... the fandom is mainly made up of guys in China anyways. And huzzah, we were given a silhouette. And wow... some people just cried she wasn't a guy. And as noted, I didn't care, I was just happy there was a fourth Chinese VOCALOID and I expected this to happen anyways. However, it did drive the concern that SHN is not trying boys at all right now... and YANHE obviously doesn't cut it, since she has feminine qualities to her voice even if she can pull off as a male. :/ So, more Chinese female fans would be GREAT if they fandoms want a guy so freakin bad. And by a guy, I mean a VOCALOID to be actually voiced by a male, not the Lens and Ryutos where they're voiced by women.
Now when her design was revealed, I was relatively alright with it at first. Took a moment or so to finally like her (because I didn't quite expect her to wear all black lol). I find her to be really cool. Her name was pretty interesting, "War sound/Sound of war" Lorra... wondering why "Lorra" out of curiosity. And was I surprised that the final result came to be this way? Nope. Because she meets the needs of Chinese males. Hot, sexy, cool, badass... yup... basically meeting their needs. And wow, definitely gained a handful of fans too. Her backstory is pretty interesting, even though it might cause some problems for Tianyi x Ling fans x3
Now the contest. Again, still angry about how the contest played out, so we have Gui Shen Ren. To be honest, she was my second choice and I do find her somewhat fitting to Lorra. The first choice of mine was even better fitting, but I'm not disappointed with the end result. Like Ling, hoping that she sounds even better in the finalized product. :)

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